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Published: 10 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In January of 2014 High Tech, San Antonio, Texas, repaired my transmission. Cost $2600, with a 50,000 mile, 15 month warranty. I was pleased with the work and the warranty. Then, while on a business trip in August 2014, to Ft. Stockton, Texas, about 300 miles away, my transmission failed. It was still under warranty, so I called High Tech to see what to do. The person that answered the phone didn’t know, and said he would call me back later. After 2 hours I called back, and was told they had no affiliated shops in Ft. Stockton, and couldn’t do anything, nor could they tell me what to do. It was then they explained to me, their warranty was good only in their shop in San Antonio!!!!! I had to get my transmission fixed, so the Chevy dealer in Ft. Stockton said he could repair the transmission in a period of 3-5 days, or simply replace it the next day. I couldn’t delay my business for a week so I told them to replace the transmission, which they did the next day and I was on my way……$3200. I returned to San Antonio, and went in to get a reimbursement on their repair work, and was once again given a bucket full of excuses, and finally a check for $616. Don’t use High Tech!!! Go to a dealer, pay a little more, and get a real warranty thats good at any dealer in the US. High Techs attitude was arrogant, snide, and patronizing. My six month experence with this outfit cost me a net of $4200, and a lot of grief. Be warned……their warranty is only good in their shop. Don’t be fooled by the friendly demenor, certificates on the wall, or any other review. It’s whats on paper that counts…and they say plainly…..in small print of course, their warranty is only good in their shop. .

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