I have never seen a company worse than Hibu.

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Published: 05 February 2019

Posted by: carley

Their local representative assured me that he would be managing the online marketing of our business personally and there would be no issues regarding quality or deadlines. He said that he would be working with us directly in order to avoid any type of miscommunication whatsoever and that all our needs will be met under his supervision. Not only this, he even stated that during the six-month trial phase, there would be no penalty fee if we decide to cancel the contract. There was actually a one month fee deduction but that was supposed to be compensated by a free one month service. Soon after Hibu started managing our Facebook Ads and Google ads, the performance of our advertisements dropped to ZERO! Our ads were performing worse than ever; we performed better during our first month of online marketing. During the 1st month under Hibu’s supervision, we received a total of ONE call and that itself was a wrong number. No only this, the ads that they created for our website made no sense at all, it didn’t have a clear CTA and they were definitely not convincing. If you think that this was enough then you haven’t heard the half of it. Their marketing strategy consisted of false advertising, they were making claims that were impossible to fulfil. In their adverts of our company, they stated that we provided 1 day deliver on international orders and we provided marketing services, both of these facts are completely untrue by the way. Some of the ads even redirected the user to a whole different website, which had no connection to our online business whatsoever. We tried to contact the customer service of Hibu and asked to fix this disastrous issue; however, no one picked up the phone or ever replied to our emails. However, our rep was quite sorry for this screw-up and he apologized to us a lot. He said that he would take care of this problem as soon as possible. Some guy from the internet started blackmailing us and we received hundreds of emails with a do-not-reply address soon after these ad campaigns. I’m sure that this happened because Hibu was promoting our website on dark web sites. Hibu has sent us bills of over $55,000 but I don’t know whether to pay the full amount or not, as they obviously didn’t do what they claimed to do. I would have been happy to pay them if they delivered even 20% results but all they did was get us death threats instead of customers. Now the collection people have started harassing us as well. I don’t know why a company would do such a pathetic thing to anyone. I cancelled their services 2 months after signing up but even after that these guys are implying that I am on the wrong side. After my experience with these money hoggers, all I can advise you all to do is to AVOID THEM AND KEEP AWAY FROM THEM

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