Hidefinite Fake Music and verses Blast Service

Hidefinite Fake Music and verses Blast Service Review

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Published: 01 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I paid this con Hidefinite202 around 1250.00 for a music blast and verse collaboration service. Before i sent the money he gave me references he was doing work with well known record labels and sent me copies of the work he was supposed to have done for them. Well with one of the record labels i felt if they did business with him he had to be ok. I paid him his fee of 1250.00 and it was supposed to cover 2 verses and his blast service of blasting my music to dj’s,radio programmers,a&r’s etc. I made him do me a receipt noting the nature of this transaction and email it to me. He also told me he can do radio promotion for me and it was 300.00 per station. I sent him 600.00 for two stations(western union) where i notice he did not know anything about radio was i was heading thru the city where one of the stations is located so i decided to stop and talk with sales personel. They informed me they knew nothing of this con Hidefinite202. so immediatley i called the other station and found out the same thing. They knew nothing of this con. And the blast i paid for never went out because he really has no 80,000 contacts he said he had. He stop answering his phone calls and emails once he figured i found him out. SO BE CAREFUL IF YOU DEALING WITH @HIDEFINITE202 .

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