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Published: 15 August 2019

Posted by: Barnes Tom

High Class Mortgage is a mortgage broker company that was 10 years in the making. It is a mortgage company that claims to have honest loan officers who prefer to be treated fairly without “nickel and dimed.” A concept created by Christopher and Jennifer who have always been committed to honesty and integrity in the home loan business. Their philosophy lies in treating loan officers fairly and give the highest priority to their loan officers as well as customers. As claimed by them, it is formed by uniting the most knowledgeable and ethical loan officers in the industry. Backed by trustworthy investors with a diverse catalog of programs, their mission is to provide an unbias advice and direction to help residential borrowers make the best decisions for their mortgage needs and establish a “Customer for life” relationship. They believe in the motto, “Everyone deserves high class service.” 

But our personal experience with High Class Mortgage was a complete disaster and forces to share our story with the internet!

To start with, we never had our own home and we’re looking forward to buying our own house. As soon as we made our decision, suddenly our two strong emotions collided with each other. We were scared as well as excited to the core. After reading thoroughly about the scams that the house financing process involves, we were searching for someone who can help us through the process with complete transparency. After in-depth search and getting to know the reviews about High Class Mortgage, we thought to go with the company right away and thought made an apt decision. But alas, it was the worst decision we ever made! It was all rosy written about the company but I did forget that roses come with thorns too! The company not only disappointed us but put us through a lot of stress and pain while making all the excuse to push us away. If you would like to know more about this scam company, here is my review about how we got scammed by them! Initially, they assured us that they would take care of everything. They promised us with their sweet noting’s that sky is the limit. We started with the process. We signed the contract not much bothering about the legalities as they had said that they have us covered. We took their sweet noting’s as our destiny and ended up really bad and this was our first mistake! Last month, we had signed the contract and after that we kept trying to reach them for even the minute details but everything went in vain. These people are real pain in the neck.

In the middle of the contract, the person who was responsible for our deal had been on a long vacation. His phone was not reachable for two weeks. At the same time, we tried to reach other people in the office but no one cared or bothered to show their concern. We were shown a few homes and all were priced high than their actual worth. The papers also seemed flimsy in most of the cases. We were looking for a mortgage to finance our house but became very stressful to even choose a place where we would have wanted our life to have blossomed. After all the tricks, I asked if we could take someone’s help in finding a place but we were given threats. They strictly disagreed saying that we had signed an agreement that bounds us to their services till mortgage for every minute thing. After all the headaches I finally asked to terminate the contract/agreement. This also took us a lot of emailing and calling before things were finally put to rest. 

I must say that this company is full of shit and one cannot expect this company to be worthwhile and do good to its clients. I believe most of the reviews about them published on the internet are misleading. Because what we experienced clearly states that High Class Mortgage is just another way of scamming people. Their motto should be, “Everyone deserves NO service!!” Try to stay away from these people as far as possible. The company is fraudulent!

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