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Published: 12 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Order Of Events • 6/10/13 Contract with Tanya- rep at High Strength Movers-to confirm move on 6/26. Paid the deposit ($100) o Requested /provided 3 estimates due to possible selling of large items • 6/26/13 Driver came at 9pm. 2 men including driver did not want to take my items saying I did not have the items listed on the inventory sheet. The driver left o Called Gary the owner/direct contact for High Strength Movers and explained the situation. He stated he would send someone else to pick up the items. • 6/28/13 2 New movers came with a small UHAUL stating they were taking the items to a larger freight truck that was going to NY first then TX. 5 day expected delivery date per contract. o Signed the High Strength Movers contract and made inventory list and paid 70% of the contact price ($1050) • 7/5/13 Delivery date. Called Tanya stated driver had problems with truck and it would be 1 more week. • 7/12/13 Called a week later. Multiple calls no answer. High Strength is screening my calls. • 7/15/13 Tanya stated could not get in contact with the driver, but last word was that the items did not make it on the truck. She would call me with the ETA once speaking with the driver. • 7/18/13 No response from Tanya. Called Gary and explained the situation. Stated he would look into it and find my items and give me a delivery date. • 7/19/13 Gary called stating he was trying to get in contact with the driver but was having difficulty. • 7/22/13 No response or answer from Gary or Tanya as to where my items were since they were not on the truck. • 7/23/13 Gary gave me the Drivers contact information o Called Tysheen Pickett, Driver, he stated my things were in storage. I went over the agreement in the contract and repeated his statement about the items going to NY then to TX. He stated that High Strength never gave him further instructions on where the items should go. o Called Gary & Tanya and told them the situation, Gary said he would get me my item out of storage and send them to me. • 7/24/13 Gary called to tell me he would not be able to get the items since they were in the drivers personal name, instead of the company name. • 7/25/13 Filed police report with Sandy Springs, GA police department to document missing items. o Officer spoke with Gary & Tysheen and told them to work it out. o I told Gary & Tysheen to deliver my items to my apartment in Atlanta and I would leave my key with my neighbor. Went back to TX. • 7/25/13 No response from Gary on getting my items from storage. • 7/26/13 Gary was no help. I called Tysheen and agreed to meet with him to get the items. I explained that I would have to drive back to Atlanta. o Called Gary and told him the new situation, he stated he would reimburse me for my expense. • 7/29/13 No response or answer from Tysheen on when to meet to get the items from storage. • 8/4/13 Did research on High Strength Movers and found a reached out to her and she stated she was moving from NY to TX and that some of her expensive items were missing and others were damaged. o Called Gary and demanded a refund and to return items to my ATL apt. He stated he would and how sorry he was. That this has never happened in the 20 yrs he has been in business. . Called Tanya and left Tysheens contact information and location of storage unit where my items were for Gary to send a driver deliver the items to my ATL apt. o Spoke with Tysheen and agreed to meet AUG-10 at the storage facility to get my items. I told Gary and he said he would send someone. Drove to Atlanta. (Gas and Milage) • 8/10/13 Meet Tysheen at storage unit. I could not view the unit to verify it these were my items unitl I paid the delinquency on the unit. I paid the delinquency and view the unit. I was so packed I could not see anything but was right in the front (from the floor to the ceiling). Got the key to unit. ($91.90) o Called Gary to tell him I had the key and he could send someone to get the items to my ATL apt. He sated Hector would be there 8/13 to get the items. • 8/13/13 No response from Gary. o Went to storage unit and contract with Total Moving Services an onsite moving company at the storage facility to move my items to my apt. ($180) o Upon delivery of the items I noticed some of the items were missing. I called Tysheen , he stated he forgot to tell me they were in another unit since all my things did not fit in one. He told me he would bring the items to the apartment the next day. • 8/14/13 No response or answer from Tysheen. Received a text stating he was in the hospital. • 8/15/13 Wife texts me stating he is in the Hospital. • 8/15/13 Called Gary with and update on the items, missing items and following up on my refund since none of the service was preformed. He stated he would give me a refund in 1 week. • 8/21/13 No answer no response from Gary or Tanya . No refund. o Called Tysheen on getting the remaing items in unit. His brother answered stating he was in the Hospital and sent me pictures of his foot. This is the last time I was able to get in touch with Tysheen he has not answered my calls or texts and still has the items. • 8/22/13 Called Gary and Tanya no answer, screening my calls. I continue to call • SEPT – Gary promises to pay, begs me to not sue him and that he will give me my money back if I could just give him time. • 9/26/13 file complaint with U.S department of transportation • 10/4/13- No Money no response and no answer. • 10/10/13 I call the office no one answers because they are screen my calls. I call the number Blocked and Laura answers that phone saying she doesn’t know anyone by the name of Tanya who works there. o I called Gary and he cursed me out and told me to do what I need to do. Summary: High Strength Movers & Cleaners took my money and never performed the service. Then I had to conduct my own investigation. I have gone through the litigation process, but am having difficulity in locating him or his bank inorder to serve him. If you have any information please respond to this report.Last I spoke to him he was in Fort Lauderhill, FL. Everything about this business is FAKE. Please spread the word. .

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