Hill Street Jewelers

Hill Street Jewelers

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Published: 12 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I found these jokers on Ebay as Oxford Antiques and also known as Jewelry Liquidators, and Hill Sreet Jewelers These cheaters were on a “Federal auction” putting there mass produced jewelry up for auction to the highest bidder. I happened to fall for this. | Upon winning a auction this folks opened a case against me for non-payment and once I had paid for my item they had the audacity to close the case against me which then left me with a mark against me on Ebay, and Ebay took away my right to own the item. At this point, they had stolen over $800.00 of my money. What they didn’t know is I am a dog with a bone. I wont stop till I get my money back if it means I have to go to their jewelry store and get it from them in person I will get my money back. Jerks!!!! | After speaking with Ebay for quite sometime and opening my own case against these morons, I have found that they broke the rules by shipping my item to me. The Ebay rules clearly state that they must have their customers pick up only. So by mailing me my item Ebay tells me it is not my responsiblity what so ever if something happens to the item…….I love karma. | So if these jerks happen to read this statement of mine, learn something. You cannot break the rules of cheating people and doing the wrong things. It will come back and bite you in the butt.

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