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Hill Tire Center

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Published: 23 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am a single parent of 4 so i apply and receive a firestone card so as a result i stated using hill tire against many people opinion of telling me not to use them because they are a rip off. i use them any where i had a $1200 credit limit and there is very few machanic in walterboro and hill tire is the only one to take that card.after having many episodes of them saying they are fixing something and really not i got feed up . iam a little naive in believing people would take my money and say they fix something when in fact they didnt . i just had a hard time believing that so i just said they were making mistakes or simple human error but after this last episode i had to open my eyes i took my car there because i had a second battery went dead in 2 weeks . i took a new battery that i brought from walmart there and ask them to do a diagnostic test before having the battery install since it was the second battery i put in in 2weeks they place the new battery in and told me the battery was bad charging me for the diagnostic test and battery install. having my doubts i took that battery home and place it in my suv that i took it out of and it fired right up. | i then took it out the suv took it to 4 auto parts store and had it check outside of the vehicle and every one of them said that battery was good and that battery is still running in my suv v with no problems. i went to hill tire and ask to speak to the owner and then reconizing this is the same man that worked on my car i told him what happen and he said he checked it out with his machine and at the time it said the battery was dead he stated that what ever going on with the vehical at the time would determine whether battery shows dead or not yet people at the auto parts store can tell me whether a battery is good in or not out a car. so i asked them when whatever wrong with my car when it happen again you going to charge me again he stated i cant answer that. | 1weeks later my car with the brand new battery and a 3 month alternator started doin the same thing i was a walmart and a young guy work there came out to give me a jump but it would not jump he look at it and say your battery cable end wire is bad he press on the wire and everything in the car door chime and everything stated working and the car crank he said they sell the wires here but they counldnt fix it because it was a electrical problems and walmart dont do electric work this was a sunday evening and everyone was close he said if i go buy so electrical tape i will putt some tape on it to hold you until tommorow i took my car to firestone in bluffton sc who replace my battery cable in wires when i told them what happen they stated what mechanic cant look at these end and not tell it was bad it had corrosion coming out of the wire. that was just the last straw before that i took my car in to have tire rotated because i had a bad tire on the front i wanted it rotated to the back to last me until payday they they charge me for rotation never rotated took it back and they apolized and rotated on side and refund me half of of my money . in my suv thay work on a braked light that was jumping on 4 time each time they fix it and i had to keep taking it back because it still wasnt fixed after the 3rd time i called them telling them and they stated they didnt rember fixing my suv and couldnt find any record of my vehicle after having this vehicle a week on each repair because they say they was short staff so i told them never mind i had my paper work and ill bring it with me when i got there they all of sudden fond my records

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