Hilla German Shepherds

Hilla German Shepherds

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Published: 05 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Shyann Hilla, of Hilla German Shepherds, Stole my two dogs! Briar vom schonen Berg and Gameboy Moravia Campanella. She asked to use dogs for breedings for lease. The terms for leasing the dogs was to do OFA, BH, AD,CGC and other minimal titles. I agreed to these terms with the stipulation that while the dogs were in her care that she could not transfer, sell, or give them away to no one. If she broke any terms of the agreement, dogs would be returned to me asap! | First off. I was casually looking up litter mates of another one of my males and I came across my female. Briar vom schonen berg. Posted on another breeders website as their female! As Grandvill German Shepherds new female. I contacted Shyann Hilla and imformed her and proved her of proof that why was my female listed as Grandvill german shepherds new female. This is the first of many lies and deceptions made by Shyann Hilla. | She claimed that Briar was there with her and that Granvill German Shepherds only put her up because she was using one of their stud dogs. This is only the first…. of many lies… | She acquired a dog from my breeding from the women that originally bought her on a payment plan. The second… of many lies.. | Shyann told me that Kendra was selling the dog (Kat) for $600, when she picked the dog up and them said that kendra kept continously changing the terms. From she wanted pick puppy to $1800 for the dog. (I only agreed to do the above co breeding because she had one of my females and continouly said that she had a forever home and that she got the dog out of a bad situation. That the dog was skinny, emaciated, and coated with fleas.) Shyann begged me to falsify Kats papers so she would not have to pay kendra for the dog. | I then got a message from a dear friend, saying that Kendra contacted him saying that he was getting Kat for trainning. I then messaged Shyann asking where Kat was. She claimed that Kendra came to her door with the cops demanding Kat back. However, Kendra messaged me stating that Shyann messaged her, telling her to meet her somewhere away from her home to take Kat back. | I told Shyann Hilla, after catching her in Multiple multiple lies, after she broke multiple terms of the agreement,i was dissolving the agreement because i no longer felt comfortable with the situiation and having dogs in her care. I told her she was to return the dogs, asap, or she could purchase the dogs. She then blocked me on facebook, our soul source of communication, and refused any other communication in any other form. | Also she is standing my male for stud. And taking deposits on puppies from dogs that do not belong to her. | I have since filed law suits against her, and she is under investigation through AKC for forging AKC certified documents. | I would Strongly advise that NO one do Business with Shyann Hilla, of Hilla German Shepherds. She is a lier and a con artist.

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