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Hillcrest Animal Hospital – Didn’t treat my pet properly

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Published: 12 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have never liked ranting about stuff or making one feel bad about what they did but writing this article seemed important to me. Never trust Hillcrest Animal Hospital for your dog or cat\’s check-up or any major procedure. They are just gold diggers. I had always enjoyed keeping a pet dog and I remember the first dog I had was back in school when I was just 8 years old. It was a present from my parents and I can proudly say it is till date the best present I got from anyone. That dog, Alex has been with me from the past 11 years and I consider it a part of my family. From being there for me when I was down to always giving me a company for a night walk is how it’s been 11 years together. Alex had been feeling low since about a week, every morning he felt lethargic. I decided to see a veterinarian for him, the one we saw always. He prescribed me to get all his tests done and 2 days later there I was with the reports. The doctor advised me to take his reports to some specialist as he had a fear he might be suffering from osteoarthritis. He advised me to go to Hillcrest Animal hospital for further examination. I went there the next day as I was really worried. I saw an orthopaedic and he was experienced enough to come to the conclusion in seconds that Alex is suffering from osteoarthritis. He further went on that the only cure for this is stem cell therapy. This news was shocking for me and I was ready to do anything to see my Alex as strong as before. I got an appointment on Thursday, 4th January which was 2 days from now as the procedure had to be done urgently. The two days were hard for me as the stem cell therapy is not an easy thing to go through. Besides the pain, post-surgery care is immense. Fast forward that day, the therapy was a 2 hours’ long and after the surgery, Alex was shifted to the post-surgery care unit. The way they treated him was really bad. I wasn’t satisfied and Alex’s face showed his pain. He was not at all comfortable and even I could judge it but doctors didn’t care at all. I asked them to give him some pain killer so he could feel better but they said a no straight away and told me that’s how it works. We were sent back home in a day and was called for a follow up 2 weeks later, yes literally 2 weeks later. Alex’s health kept on declining day by day but even then they kept on insisting that he is completely fine. 1 week to the therapy, and Alex was no more. I was too sad and later they told me there is always an 80% death rate in this procedure. The thing that they should have told me before was told me now. At the start, they just kept saying it will be all successful. I couldn’t feel okay even after 2 months, as I was attached to my dog. But, I guess that is how it was planned. Alas! That’s what life is.

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