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Published: 24 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This place is the biggest rip off going………They target people from Atlanta Georgia and I heard them say it is because thier stupid. If you work for J.M you can be sure he will rip you off all he can, the booths at the beach are trained liars and the salesmen are worse.They house there help like old time plantation once they get them in thuer hoysing they really rip you off, you owe your soul to the company store.After one month no pay checks just excuses for the money they ripped iff you the consumer. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING JUST TAKE THE FREE VACATION…….Listen to the 90 minutes the law aklows then just walk out tell them maybe next time after we spend a weekend here……..DO NOT BUY ………..GO FREE…………..DO NOT BUY……

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