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Bad taste and expensive

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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I saw the advertisement of hint flavored water on TV and got a urge to buy it because of the subtlety of the marketing technique and the phrase sparkling refreshing made a longing for it. I bought a bottle at  a grocery store to cut off the artificial sweetener but to my dismay it tasted like normal city water with a noticeable price. I can hardly taste any sweetness or flavor at all and  I must say that I am very disappointed by it. There is no difference in a tap water and a $1.50 a bottle of water. As the name itself says “Hint” there is literally only the hint of the flavor. Save yourself some money fill your pot with faucet water squeeze the juice out of fresh fruit and mix it with the water and you have got your own Hint which tastes  far more better than it.
I would recommend and more of a request to everyone not to even try it but if you want to just go to your home take a chilled water bottle out of your refrigerator and quilt your thirst but do not try it. But it came out to be known that their customer service is neither good an acquaintance of mine didn’t knew about it’s taste and ordered 12 packs of different flavors as a discount offer was running, but the order never reached him he called the customer support too and they assured him it will reach to him but nothing happened even after that.
They do treachery with people by showing them the GMO, vegan and gluten free content but actually they all are at traces and if we were that health conscious we would go to a healthier diet not to a expensive flavored water. Well the water could be healthier than any other drinks in the competition but it’s tasteless after all.

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