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Biggest scammers in the industry – Hippo Roofing

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Published: 18 August 2017

Posted by: Colleen D. Scott

These days it takes 6 months to get the roofing fixed properly. Hippo roofing is the biggest fraud in this industry. I am Stella and my husband and I contacted the company to avail their services. We spent around $7000. They installed the roof but did not complete the work. I have contacted them 50 times and they are still not here. Not to forget the damage caused due to roof leaking was not paid for and the company straight away said no to compensating for that.
These assholes did not even send proper employees to get the roof installed. Their employees were rude and seemed like they just picked people off the street. They even broke one of vases and did not accept it. We had to bear the cost of that. I have not seen a more unprofessional company. I have no idea how are they still operating.
I keep calling them every day and still my problem is not resolved and I don’t expect it to anymore. I guess I will have to get the entire roofing done once again and spend that amount of money again. I yelled at them, threatened I would sue them and still no use. They are pathetic and shameless.
I would like to know about organisations where I can report this scam and I am asking about organisations apart from consumer forum. There are so many complaint against them and their employees and they are still operating. I had to get the roof done quickly so I was willing to pay a little extra too but these guys couldn’t even install the roof properly. I had to bear the extra cost of leaking. Imagine the irritation and frustration level. I doubt these guys are bothered about that.
It is shocking to see such a shoddy work from a company that tries to sell itself as if they are professional. This is nowhere close to professionalism. When I talked about this company with my friends, even they told me that they have heard complaint about them. It is a shame that to get a simple service like this is a tough job.
I would suggest everyone to do a thorough homework before selecting a roofing company. Most of them are scammers and Hippo roofing tops the list. With n number of excuses and not giving a shit, you will find it really difficult to get the work done. Not to forget, your money goes down the drain and the extra stress levels. Just avoid it all and report this company so that you do not have to go through the pain I went through. It is a pain to see your money go down the drain and get no service at all. On top of everything, your beautiful house looks so bad and ugly because of the leak. Let us share our stories here so that we can stop other people from making a mistake of choosing Hippo Roofing.

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