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Published: 15 January 2020

Posted by: WetBlanket

A few things about dealing with HireRight: 1) They are contracted by companies to perform background checks, however the EMPLOYER is the one with the last say. You”ll be surprised how much a simple phone call to the HR department/Recruiting department at your prospective employer can go in circumventing much of the bogusness that HireRight likes to put applicants through. 2) I suspect (but cannot prove 100%) that the people conducting the searches for HireRight are not based in the United States. My reasoning for this is in my dealing with them, not 1 employee that I spoke to had an American accent, and there was a serious delay when they would call, or when speaking with them on the phone. They told me to get a W-2 from the IRS and send it back within 24 hours — bwahahahaha!!! They can”t be from here if they think our government would ever do anything that quickly. 3) DO NOT SEND THEM YOUR W-2 or any other personal information you do not feel comfortable in giving out. News flash: most companies DO NOT require this type of information for hiring unless you are trying to gain some type of government/security clearance. 4) DO contact HR at your prospective employer each time HireRight requests information from you. It is absolutely 150% a waste of time talking to those people, so just hang up the phone when you hit a brick wall and call your employer. This serves 2 purposes: 1) to ensure that your employer is in the loop as far as where the background check process is and that the holdup is NOT on your end, and 2) to make the prospective employer aware that they are paying the nimrods at HireRight to do absolutely nothing but send ###ed emails to their applicants asking for the DNA of your first-born child to verify what junior college you attended for a semester in 1993. Lastly, do not be afraid of HireRight! Again, keep in mind that the employer calls the final shot, and in some cases (such as mine) they will basically ignore HireRight”s insane requests and hire you anyway…but you have to speak up and let HR/your recruiter know what”s going on! Hope this helps!

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