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Biggest mistake ever!

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

When you are a twenty-six-year-old obese guy, you get body-shamed everywhere. Tired of being shamed everywhere because of my body structure and weight, I decided to take action and attempt to change my life. After weeks of research online as well as offline, I came to know about Hit The Mark Fitness Boot camp. After going through their website and seeing those ‘before and after’ photos, I decided to join the fitness camp unaware of the fact that I was making the biggest mistake of my life.
After joining the ‘Fat Loss Workout Program’, I had high hopes that I would no more be a fat guy who gets tired easily just after walking for five minutes. The first day went okay. The trainer that I had did not seem to be enthusiastic about the training. All he did was tell people what to do once and sit away using his phone to watch random videos on YouTube. Being new to the place, I did not have any experience regarding weights and equipment. When I asked the trainer for some advice on how to lift the dumbbells, he completely ignored me. Basically, all he did at the place was be on his phone and giggle around.
A week passed and not much improvement was seen or felt by me. I did every single thing I was told by the trainer. I went to the camp alone. One day, a group of bullies surrounded me and told me to do whatever they say. Obviously, I chose not to comply. Because I did not submit to bullying, I was hit on the chest with a dumbbell. The sad part is that it all happened in front of the trainer but he did not say a word against the bullies. He chose to turn his face away as he did not want to be involved in ‘personal matters’. I could not sleep that night because of the pain inflicted upon my chest and the mental trauma.
Even though there was no improvement, the trainer told me to keep doing the same set of exercises which I had been doing since the day I joined. One time, the treadmill stopped working in the middle of my running season and the trainer made fun of me in front of the whole class stating that even the treadmill was not able to endure my weight. After this incident, he started joking frequently about my ‘wide frame’ and my physical appearance. When one day I could not take it anymore, he told me that he will throw my ‘fat-ass’ out of the fitness boot camp and no one will say anything. It was the last day that I spent at that horrible place.
My advice would be to stay as far away from Hit the Mark Fitness Boot camp as possible. If you have even a shred of self-respect, you will not even think of setting foot into this place no matter how unfit or fat you are. This place does not match its heavenly description and please don’t be fooled by the appearance. This is the place that made me realize the true meaning of the saying – All that Glitters is not Gold.

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