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The fake no deposit Scam by HLV Trading

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Published: 27 February 2017

Posted by: Terry C. McPherson

As I was intrigued in to listen to the alluring scheme of this extremely polished and knowledgeable guy called Ralph, at least he looked like one!
He somehow convinced me to sign a deal with him and from thereon it all began. He introduced himself from this foolish company that deals in trades and beneficial schemes that offer lucrative interest on bulk amounts and blah blah blah, the endless conning stories attached to this.

I’m talking about the month of October, 2015, I remember right as that happened to be my birthday month and this fool just gifted me the worst jolt of my life.
The deal he offered was rather impressive, for me to give it into this assholes’s fiddle. I decided to try out and put my fate on test putting in $14000 that was supposed to be refunded back into my account in the first 48 hours. Now as you can see it has been more than 5 months and the bastard is nowhere to be seen or contacted.
I have been hearing similar experiences from a lot of other people as well. These scammers have been trading with several other names too, whereas HLV Trading has been one of the major one for them.

During the initial weeks and the first two months in fact, they kept postponing the refund, giving some of the vague responses about their faulty software, staff on leaves and so many more lame and silly excuses by these totally unethical scammers and bloody idiots. Then gradually as the time kept passing by these morons started to avoid all my calls and eventually disappeared and I was left with no more details to get it touch with them.

I am a 48 year old, working individual and have the responsibility of my wife and three kids. This amount meant a lot in my life and I had a lot of plans for my family. But all my accounts and my balance has been shattered to my surprise by these group of suckers.

I strongly appeal to all you people out there to completely stay away from this group of scammers, who are in the market, even today, might be trading with a different name now although!

I have already filed a complaint against them in the New York Attorney’s general Office, while Mr. Brown Popeson is taking care of my case there, If in case you guys need to report similar incidences, you can reach him over his mail ID: [email protected] I’m really unsure if they would be able to get hold of these muggers, still I’ve learnt the lesson of my life and stopped trusting such rip-offs and easy money making schemes run by these goons and blood sucking parasites.
Guys, certainly there are many such companies floating out and about in the open market, while they never offer anything else other than excuses, excuses and more excuses, only to further confuse and frustrate the victims like me. I’m certainly waiting for my day, the day when I get a hold of these assholes, I swear that I would raise the hell out of these bluffers who feed on the hard earned money of the common people and make their lives miserable.

The situation I’m in at this point of time, I really can’t approach the court for this as the company has no live website, no office and precisely no contact at all. Leave alone the trading and its benefits, I’m like never gonna get my principal amount as well from these mother fuckin bluffers.

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