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Ponzi Scheme Worth Million Dollars By HMS Financial

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Published: 17 August 2017

Posted by: Charles J. Harvey

A scam worth $37 million from 100s and 1000s of investors carried out by Colonel Fyn, Murray Stark and Garth Bailey under the name of HMS Financial. A lot of investors including me, Karen, invested in HMS Financial. I lost around $20000. God knows how much other poor souls lost. These assholes had the balls to carry out a big scam like this. Luckily, they are now behind bars. They should suffer really bad to eat up other people’s hard earned money like this.
The main culprit in this entire fraud is Robert Fyn who recently filed for bankruptcy when everyone tried to get their money back and it was a false bankruptcy. Reason? He already filed for bankruptcy long ago and of course, could not claim a new one. Apparently, Stark was sentenced before and was released. The asshole he is, he teamed up with Fyn and started a scam again. Bloody rascals do not fear anyone or anything and started HMS financial again. They started to get people to invest in their shitty business again.
There are many gullible people like me who fell for it. They are very good at convincing people. Initially, I did not invest a lot but then I thought I might as well and I slowly started getting into the whole scam. I should have just let it be. Now my money is gone and I do not think I am ever getting it back because of these bastards.

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