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Published: 12 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Whwn we bought our home, it came with a warranty from HMS/HomeGuard. In October of 2015, we discovered the furnace would not start and contacted HMS. HMS sent one of their technicians from a local company to address the issue, for which we paid a deductible. | When HMS’s technician came, from Hubbs Heating and Cooling, he tried to troubleshoot the furnace by overriding the safety sensor. This caused the furnace to overheat and catch on fire, destroying the furnace and ducting and blowing smoke and ash throughout our home. Even the Fire Chief acknowledged that the fire was due 100% to negligence on the part of the HVAC company. Rather than addressing the issue immediately, HMS tried to push off the blame and it took weeks for the final repair to take place. By the time the replacement came, we were living on space heaters in bedrooms. In the end, we were never able to get back the costs of the home cleanup the fire required. | Moving forward to May 28, 2016 – We turned on our AC for the first time in the year and quickly discovered it wasn’t working. We called HMS and they were unable to locate a tech within the 48 hour period that’s in their contract so we were given permisson to use our own tech as long as our tech received approval before any work was done. We paid a deductible for this rep to come. | When the tech came on 6/2/2016, he quickly discovered that HMS’s tech had incorrrectly installed the evaporator coil that they replaced due to the fire. It had over 5 leaks and no coolant left in the system. The tech also stated that he was shocked at the state of the replacement ductwork provided by HMS’s tech as it was shoddy and likely to need replaced soon anyway. The tech, however, was unable to make any repair because HMS kept him on the phone for an hour, but would not authorize a repair. | On 6/3, I spoke with a case manager who said she had received all paperwork from our tech and it would be reviewed and she would call us back as soon as possible with the solution. She also supplied us her email address for follow-up. A week from that date, she never had called us back and did not respond to any voicemails or emails. We spoke to her manager at this point, but the manager never called us back after that point either. At this point, we had been without AC in summer for 1.5 weeks. The house is 90 degrees. We were spending a minimum of 2 hours a day on the phone with HMS to determine who could help us, but no one had any answers and would forward us back to the Case Manager who did not respond to us. | On 6/13, we were told by a rep that the Case Manager we’d spoken to had lied and they, in fact, did not have all the documents they needed from our tech and no one had been processing our claim. | On 6/14, our tech said they had spent so long on hold with HMS for approvals that they’d had to get off the phone because it was adding up to hours of time. | On 6/15, we spent several hours calling HMS every 5 minutes and having their rep call our tech company so we could facilitate a 3 way call to get the issue addressed. | At this point, the issue remains unresolved and we are 2.5 weeks with no AC and a 90 degree house.

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