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I am totally disappointed with their sick behavior

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Published: 10 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

HOA Express is a website that HOA, neighbourhood and Condominiums with websites.Their service is fair with an overcharged price as they are the only one at the competition. They renewed our annual subscription the member of the society being informed before the renewal  occurred and the biggest turn is that the money was not deducted from the Condo funds but from the account of individuals. These type of services requires authorization from the Condo Board of the society(of which we are not members). What is this now, first of all who gave them the Authorization to deduct the money from our personal account and they should first inform us before the reweal of annual service, having our personal information doesn’t give them the power to control the things all by themselves.
We requested a refund and were refused subsequently even when we wanted our right only, not even partial refund was offered as they claimed the $300 is required to cover the cost of renewal subscription.
The cost to company is zero for annual subscription renewal but it seems that they think we are idiots and could be fooled. At this era when the man is aware about his rights and have the right to fight for it, these people snitch our rights and do whatever they want because they are big corporate and possess our personal information.
The fact that they came up with totally made up and false excuse  made us believe that we were dealing with a rip- off Company. This clearly shows that they are only self interested and do not care enough about their clients and their personal life. It is the Condo Board who would decide whether to renew the subscription and how to pay for it not the Company I am totally disappointed with their sick behavior.

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