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Published: 22 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

So Betty Aronson at Hocus Pocus Mastiffs in Tennessee is a breeder that I was trying to work with for my new mastiff pup. After multiple issues over the past 5 months I requested that my deposit be returned as she had been unable to meet her end of the deal. I got a response from her earlier today as follows. First she flat out saiid no on my money back. Her reasoning for it being A no was that my wanting a refund showed that I lacked the ability to commit to the lifetime requirement of owning one of her dogs and the financial strain a refund would put on her. She has accidentally killed one full litter and through apparent health issues and negligence has lost half of the current litter (in both litters many died due to damage from the 2 different mothers and the rest died from the mothers milk drying up within days of birth). 5 months ago I gave her 625 dollars as she required a 50% down payment for anyone wanting a specific dog (I was seeking a brindle male english mastiff). The deposit was stated as non-refundable so I suppose I am at fault as well but I had no way of knowing the kind of breeder I had given my money to. She seems so nice outwardly but as soon as I stated my unhappyness and requested at least a partial refund yesterday things went downhill quickly. Ending in her blocking all ways for me to contact her after I stated her refusing to refund any of my money made me feel scammed and conned. Had I known she basically meant she could keep my money from here unto forever until she miraculously produced the dog I wanted I would never have given her money. Again, I understand I am partially to blame but still this need to be told as this is absolutely no way to do business and there is obviously an issue with her breeding stock. So moral of the story there is something wrong with the dogs and the breeder at hocus pocus mastiffs in Tennessee.

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