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Prescribed the wrong meds to my dog!

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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

While I was out on a walk with my dog, a kid with a bicycle lost his balance and fell on my dog. It was an unfortunate incident. I instantly made the kid get up and made him sit on a bench nearby. After this, I checked my dog and to my horror, I saw that he was limping. It was apparent that he was in a lot of pain and it hurt me badly to see him like that. I quickly looked up the internet for nearby clinics where I could take him to get him checked. The very first search result that came up was an advertisement for Hollydale Veterinary Hospital. I opened the link and saw that I did not need to schedule an appointment as it was a walk-in clinic. I instantly took my dog and went out to go to the clinic.

I reached the clinic in about 20 minutes. I entered the place and went straight to the receptionist’s desk. When I requested her to listen to me, she showed me her while still being on her phone. I was made to wait for almost 10 minutes before I was listened to. I told her about the problem and she replied by telling me to wait as there were other patients. It took almost an hour and a half before my turn came. I took my dog and went into the doctors’ chamber. They were gossiping when I went in and it took them some time to get the gossip over with. My dog was checked and I was told that there was a deep cut on his paw. He applied a cream that made my dog squirm in pain. It was horrific to watch. The doctor instead of comforting him tapped its back hard to keep him quiet. It was really difficult to watch. After this, I was given a prescription that had a list of medicines’ names on it. I was told to apply the antiseptic on the wound and to feed him the medicines by mixing them in his food. After this, I walked out of there and after buying the medicines, came back home.

The first day when I applied the cream and fed him the medicines, I saw that there was a change in his behaviour. I assumed it was the medicinal effect that would allow the wound to heal faster. After a few days, while applying for the medicine, I saw that the area around the wound had turned red and there was a kind of blister formation. I called the doctor up and asked for suggestions on what to do, whether to continue the medication or stopped. The doctor after listening to me said nothing and after this stopped picking up my calls. I tried calling him using another number but as soon as he heard my voice, he disconnected the call. I had no option but to take my dog to another veterinary clinic.

The doctor at the other clinic told me that the wrong medicines had been suggested which led to the reddening of the area. I was shocked to my very core. I could not even comprehend how could a reputed clinic with experienced doctors make such a big mistake. I would not recommend anyone to go to Hollydale Veterinary Clinic because of what happened to my dog. I think that the place should not even exist.

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