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Published: 26 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Well this just proves everthing I have said about this company. Instead of defending themselves with facts they decided to defame the character of people that review them. The use an article on another website that is lies. The person that wrote the review is a known criminal who was arrested from a warrant in 2005. My roommate was dating him and I had to ask her to leave because I found out about him as a con and drug addict. Then he was arrested and he is taking his revenge out on me and other women in his past. His name is David Harkai and if you search his name you will see the truth. So HOLLYWOOD ACCESS OWNER GEM WILTSHIRE, can’t defend the company on its own merit but uses reviews from a known con man and criminal to discredit someone who puts in an accurate review of their company…What does this tell you….. By doing what she did she has put a single mother and minors at risk. This was a review that is under review and is legally being taken care of… I guess I should add Hollywood Access to the suit. This so called post she is linking to was being left as is so that it is kept low on searches due to the fact that it is degrading slander and lists minors. This man has been out for revenge since he was arrested….. POINT BEING…. THEY CAN’T REPRESENT THEIR COMPANIES ON ITS OWN MERITS WITH FACTS AND LINK TO A REVIEW BY A CON MAN AND CRIMINAL THAT ALSO LISTS NAMES OF CHILDREN. Would you want your children represented by such a company??? Just defend yourself with your facts and leave it be. They know that I have the truth on my side so resort to low down dirty tactics. Do you research Miss Wiltshire before you do something so stupid next time. I guess that sweet woman of faith is just smoke and mirrors??? ALL MY INFORMATION CAN BE PROVEN FALSE THROUGH COURT RECORDS IN CLARK COUNTY and information on David Harkai is all over the internet with the harrassment he has done to women all over and scams he has done…. I guess this company just likes to play dirty.. Just like the way they handle their business. Underhanded and sneaky…. Don’t fall prey to them… I hate to say such nasty things but the truth needs to get out of what they just did. Plus they KNOW that the article they linked to is false because they could easily have looked that information up on Clark County public records. I have had background checks done with my career so it is apparently false. Lets dig deeper into Miss Wiltshires past… I have a few more reviews on her that I didn’t post about her dealings with John Robet Powers….

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