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Published: 23 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This school is a joke, it started off as a joke and it still is. I gave it the benefit of the doubt due to the fact that alot of these private schools are the same way. For starters the director has no background of the industry, she claims to have background in education. Honestly I don’t know but she must of been a paper pusher, has no people skills thinks she can talk down to everyone including her employees. They talk openenly in front of all of the students about the issues they are having. How can a program that is reporting to the state that you are being trained for example in microderm and the machine has been broken. I don’t know what I am going to do when I go into the real world. Guess teach myself off of youtube. The day nail instructor is such a bully treating single moms like dirt and then she says she is a single mom and if she didn’t we can all do it. Well last time she was talking she lives with him ummm she is not a single mom. They have fired all the good people that care just because they speack their mind. If we don’t have supplies and equipment how are we going to learn? I am almost done and thank god i had no choice but to finish because if not I would of been charged anyway. This company gets soooo much money every week how can they have all these issues with supplies. They don’t care if you don’t speack english they will put you in a program, they have some stuents that honestly I don’t know how they are going to pass the state board. Don’t get me wrong their are some awesome teachers but the company sucks. This is dominatly hispanics and they are trying to change the demographics hmmm makes me wonder what the true reason to this is. She tries to shut the students up by buying them some pizza and doing some stupid events and honestly I can’t believe that they are some people that are just bought so easily. I have been doing alot of research of the CIE laws and Department of education and things are not adding up. Please stay away go to a public schools and if you are going to go to a private school. do your research and if you here some rumors get out before they take your financial aide. Read the paperwork you sign very carefully and find out the time you have to cancel, don’t let them drop you they take your money anyway. that is how they got me.

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