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Published: 28 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have a 2004 Kia Spectra EX… I initially went to my local Hollywood Dealer for a Check Engine Light issue and squeaking noise when I turn right or left from a parking position and the car hesitates at times when accelerating (I have used them regularly for routine maintenance). They did the routine maintenance about $80.00 and told me I may need a new gas cap for $70.00 not including labor. I opted out of getting a gas cap from them since I can get a 13.00 gas cap from Pep Boys and went ahead and had the routine maintenance. The Service advisor also added since I had over 80,000 miles I should have my Timeing belt changed about $500.00 with labor. I opted to have it done the following week. When they were working on the car, they called me up and told me that I needed my valve gaskets, spark plugs, distributor cap and wires replaced. That was another $370.00! I told them to go ahead and do it now since the car was already in for service. I pick up the car and take it home. The very next day the check engine light came back on!!! As you might gues I was not a happy camper. I took the car back in on a Saturday and they told me my Radiator had a crack in it and I needed a new one including the Thermostat which they said was stuck open anothe $380.00!!! Obviously the car cannot be ridden and they told me I had to leave it and they will need to work on it the following Monday to do a full pressure test for the engine (making sure the car never overheated and my head gasket isn’t blown)… so basically I had no car for the weekend. I asked for a loaner and they advised me they had none! When asked if they will cover a rental, they told me not until they have the full test results for the engine (making sure the car never overheated and my head gasket isn’t blown). Again not happy at all!!! I waited for may car for 4 days!!!! They kept it until Tuesday! Luckily the tests was positive no blown head gasket so I had my mom pick up the car when it was done. Afte she picked up the car… on the way home guess what!!! The check engine light comes back on!!!! She called me at work and I told her to take it back! She took it back and they re-set the Check Engine light. The very next morning I get in the car to go to work and the light comes back on and on the way home thae car started to have the same hesitation it originally had!!!! At this point I had to drive the car for two weeks since I had no free time and I was already scheduled for overtime and a week end training class. I was finally able to get it back to the Kia Dealer and while waiting for an answer, they get back to me and tell me “We finally figured it out… its the Oxygen sensor another $279.00” I was besides myself, after one month of trying to get the Check Engine light issue resolved and close to $1500.00 later now they tell me waht the issue was!!!! They should have figured out it was the Oxygen Sensor all along when they changed the spark plugs and distributor cap and valve gaskets according to a mechanic friend of mine!!! At this point I was done with them and went to my local Pep Boys and had the Oxygen sensor replaced… I was able to use a 15% off coupon for the service $300.00 total! The Kia Dealer should be responsiblee for that service since they was not able to figure it out the first time I brought the car in for the Check Engine light. I tried calling the General Manager and kept getting his voicemail. .

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