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Published: 14 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have waited for so me time now to write this review in the hopes this company would correct their wrong, however, here I am and they are refusing to correct all of the errors they have made, beginning from the first day of installation with a bad unit. This is an ALERT to ALL existing customers, check your warranty papers, the Serial numbers, and check what they actually installed. They installed a lower grade unit worth thousands less, and I could it on the paper work. This was the third error, they made, and I haven’t even begun to describe the negligence and the carelessness of HOME COMFORT USA. Due to their negligence and lack of completing a proper installation, after sending, ‘A Supervisor’ to inspect, my home filled with Carbon Monoxide and almost killed me and my entire family. Thankfully, I was home and my fire alarm worked, and I evacuated all living creatures, and called the Fire Department. | From the first day of installation when the non English speaking ‘technicians’ did the install, and disconnected my alarm system, and supposedly, it was a bad unit, “burnt out mother board’ on a brand new Lenox, I asked them to uninstall that I was not going to accept a brand new unit with problems… so here we are today and they are still refusing to uninstall, in fact, they were paid 16,000 by the HERO program, including $1200. for the permit and inspection back in September 2016, and to this day have not ordered an inspection! | So this ‘energy efficient’ unit ran through a 125 gallons of propane in 2 weeks, and they tried to tell me it was an issue with the propane tank. I’ve lived in my home for 17 years and 125 gallons of propane typically will last a family of 4, 3 – 5 months. I am one person who lives very conservatively, thermostat at 63, and for the two weeks the furnace ran it went through 125 gals of gas. I had the gas company check the tank and no leaks!! Some how I convinced this negligent company to put gas in the tank and then they refused to have it delivered the same day because it would have cost them $125.00.. so I paid it.. I turned the furnace on and within 2 weeks 125 gals was gone again! All of this after the house filled up with Carbon Monoxide and I told them to get the unit out of the house! for the 20th time… at least. | So, they schedule another appointment and then don’t show up…. so here I am in 30 degree weather without heat and they are claiming no responsibility… | I have filed a complaint with the HERO program, as I do not understand how they can continue to fund this company… even the technicians that came to my home told me there are so many complaints that they are tired of hearing it!! I have also filed with the California Contractors, and Better Business Bureau. I don’t know how this company and it’s employees think this is the way to treat customers and get away with it! | I am so sick and stressed, I have never in my entire life dealt with such a negligent company, and do not know why the HERO program continues to fund this company. $16,000, and I have a piece of junk in my house that I will not plug in again because I can not bear leaving my loved ones home in the case that the house fills again with Carbon Monoxide, and I will not sleep at night with this unit on with fear of the same. | Please beware of this company… and please check your warranty and the serial number of what you actually bought against what they actually installed. | Note: I have not listed all the of the problems, including when they cut the main electrical wire to the unit and the technician patched it duct tape! Thank God I went and checked and discovered it..

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