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Published: 12 March 2019

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I bumped into Home Law Group when shuffling through my mail, they sent some kind of loan modifing help and of course I needed so much help at the time, now this was in 2012..so it’s been 2 long, long years. Charles Leaphart was his name and he promised me the world!! he said, his firm was able to get the modification that I so desperately needed. He also made it clear that, because of the modification process.. there was no need to worry about sending in mortgage payments…He went on saying;” In that case, and I hate to do this to you but, you can take that extra money and pay us instead! We charge a fee of $5000.00, but if we can’t help you or get you your modification..don’t worry it’s 100% money back garantied! He was a lawyer, smarter then regular people like me, has a trusting title backed by the LAW…I needed help by someone smarter and with authority that can move things faster than I could…Following all their instructions for 2 years and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork..I recieve a letter from a Andrew Bresalier, never knowing he was in charge, telling me that I’m not getting my money back because I failed to comply with documents!! First of all, who are you? Other than you being splatted all over the internet with violations all over your name!, I’ve had no clue he was behind my modification..So, I paniced and I called Charles and the other assosiate I was assigned to; Victoria Wong..The phone number for Charles doesn’t exsist anymore and Victoria Wong no longer has her extension..Just call the operator she’ll pop up!! After 2 weeks of my phone calls to them, Mr. Bresalier hung up in my face..For a lawyer, I find that less smarter than most. He offered to help me after I told him I wanted all my money back and I knew he was a fraud, a pretend law firm violating mortgage services..So now I recieved another letter, 2 in two years!..My Mortgage Company is aware and so is N.J and Florida Attorney General. After 2 years, now you want to help? Yeah..you can alright, refund my money back!! .

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