Home Loan Investment Bank, FSB

Home Loan Investment Bank, FSB

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Published: 28 March 2021

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Home loan and investment bank in warwick, rhode isand, is a criminal organization that was run by john murphy and continues to be one under his son brian murphy. home loan and investment bank has swindled home owners since its inception and its work culture has been, and remains, one of the worst place to work anywhere. | employees steal from each other, including loans; there is violence, drugs and there are threats. Home loan and investment bank has set people up at their offices who knew of their wrong doing and tried to have them arrested through false charges to have them take the fall. they have also stalked former employees to either make sure that individual cant get a job at another bank or to make sure they arent spilling the beans on what goes on there. | Home loan and investment bank has bait and switched consumers loans, engaged in predatory lending, doctored appraisals and reviews with the help of shady firms they work with to increase loan values or get loans through underwriting, and was a top contributor to the mortgage crisis of 2008 because they engaged in the practices that lead to the crash and knew for years the loans they were making would one day tank. | All this is allowed to occur and for home loan and investment bank to remain in business due to strong ties with the state of rhode island through political connections and through relationships with the police who are probably receiving kick backs by allowing this behavior to happen and home loan and investment bank to remain on business. | home loan and investment bank has invaded the business practices of other firms, such as in New York, where, at a minimum, the integrity of companys like JP Morgan Chase, CIBC WorldWide, and Oppenheimer, have been compromised due to the contamination of home loan and investment bank former employees spreading their toxic ways. | Prior employees who were, and are still, involved, in the cover up are mike gallego, tim sawyer, jon michailides, bob porier, kurt lauth, ed furtado, chris dandeneau, joe broduer, brian steimel, jeremy cutler, halonhan, loan officer norm from johnston, ri, john murphy, and his son, jay michaels (a false name he needs to use due to the shadiness of the firm), amongst others who were, or now are in upper management or who have been moved else outside the company to very comfortable new venues due to connections the murphys have. | home loan and investment bank is a state of rhode island sponsored criminal organization….and they know it.

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