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Published: 28 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Home Network Realty aka. HnR Property Management started as a recommendation from a previous property manager, who wound up being not so competent as well, and had mediocre experience with them in the beginning. I kept the Home Network Realty employed by myself for approx. five years. During this tenure of employment the level of care and professionalism offered in the form of all property management services severely declined. | I was originally located in the immediate area of my property as well as the company. I would periodically have issues with how something was happening with the property and bring it up to the company. At times while living in the area it was a challenge to get in touch, via telephone, with the proper person to voice my concerns so I would be forced to actually go the physical building and request a meeting. This level of service continued until I moved to another state. | I did expect the same level of performance in my absence, whou wouldn’t? This was a large mistake however. | Upon leaving the area the property was vacant for quite some time which I did not attribute to the company but to the current market conditions. So chaulked that up to a no fault loss. Once the property was rented out the communication was fairly consistent during the first year to year and a half after I moved. Once the time line progressed a little bit the level of service was completely void of anything besided processing my payments and transferring them to me. Tenants voiced concerns to me many times regarding the lack of communication on the companies part. Then often times the issues with the properties were ignored. I repeat, the tenant aka. the customer was ignored! This is the singular worst failure in the property management process. Well beside stealing money from the tenant or the property owner. Which this company did inadvertently. And this is why I chose to write this review. | The company was not performing to my level of expecation. So I sent them the information regarding the transfer of the property to a new management company. This is where the tenant really suffered because the Home Network Realty did not attempt to help anything during this process to help the tenant feel comfortable with the management transfer process. Home Network Realty tried to pressure the tenants into new leases early so as to extort money from me on the back end of our business together. Completely unethical. | Then after all of the headache with the transfer of the property, Home Network Realty presented the current tenants with zero dollars, $0 in security deposits. Home Network Realty claimed that the tenants owed months and months of late penalties and fees. These charges magically appeared out of nowhere. Neither tenant was given any notice of this at any point during the lease timelines. This was a clear indication of a company that has no future. I will not recommend this company. I will never work with this company again. Their website makes inflated claims of professionalism and service. I am simply trying to warn any other possible customer to the dangers of working with this company. You will no doubt be unhappy.

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