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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Well didn’t know this would be here. This young man has purposely harrassed me for over a month now. He calls from an unknown it says number each time. I have talked to him 8 times I know of. He keeps me on the list because I got smart with him asking his name. He has given me at least 6 different names and knows exactly that he is doing this purposely. I told him to take me off the list, spent 30 minutes on my cell nearly, not 10, not 20, but near 30 asking him his name. He played me that long and I was mad. He would not give me his supervisor, and played me over and over again coming back on the line for the 30 minutes time. He has this name he says as John, then Jack D. something can’t even understand him as he talks low when he is afraid to give out his name and ID which he refused to give for so long. Today he says he is Jack, then a minute later no Samuel and he spelled it out for me madly and being rude. The he wouldn’t give me his last name and over and over we went until he said Simpson, Samuel Simpson and spelled it to me. I waited again for his supervisor as he felt probably he this time was being recorded. I had already told him several times before from this same unknown caller I had taped our conversation and he would be deported when I find him and I would find him I told him. I intimidate him for sure each time, because he is such a lair and an you know what. Jerk! He said the name of his company everytime is Home secure solutions. He got his supervisor on the phone and I heard what all he told her first about me asking for his name and not understanding the Home system spill I wouldn’t listen too ever. She wouldnt give me her name at first, then made up a name and she was better but accented from another country. Name she said Jennifer Tyler, a flat out lie I would on it big time! Then I ask for his name she refused to give it and lied again to me saying first his name was Manuel, that I believe, but then was hesitant with my persistance and wanting his last name saying Bell is his last name. Then she said her company was from Texas or he did I don’t remember a lie. he said right off the bat when ask he was in Tampa and the company oh yes she said was in Texas. Then she told me the company name was different than what he had said. She said “”Home Security Solutions. Well in Tampa Florida there is one, I called the home of what I found easily on the internet a interest party to this company Derek A Finger. He lives at Derek A Finger 5956 Jaegerglen Dr Lithia, FL 33547 (813) 689-2029 I hung up because wife had answering machine on with message to leave message. There is others from this company ownership. I dont want to lose what I am sending so I am sending this now, but its an LLC online in Tampa, by typing in that last name I gave you she gave me and he saying they are in tampa as she said as well. Lies… They are not !!! I don not think, but possible this man above with two others men one in Bradenton you will see from the company profile of company if you look it up from the mozilla firefox website thingy. I couldnt find it again until I went back into the first page halfway down list shows Home security solutions. I use to be law enforcement myself and I go to extremes to prosecute harassing folks that harass us! Thanks if you even work this I hope for goodness sakes someone does and contacts me even! .

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