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Published: 06 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I should have went with my gut but when your homeless, with childen you will try to turn a blind eye to alot of things to get your children to saftey.Me and my husband had lost our home in may 2013 was not a good year for us.I called Serna Village and they told me they heard of a Homeless Program called HomeStart in roseville,ca. I immediately called and had an interview the next day.My first interview was with the thearpist wich was a kind loving caring women, We were told to come back the next day for a second interview. The next day the second interviwer was with Anne she rarely smiled and was very strict and vbery blunt. We were excepted and we moved in we were told to buy our groceries first.upon moveinn we were asked to provide urine samples for drug testing but what was wierd is there were no men to test my husband so the female mitchelle not only tested us both but was up in the same room as my husband wich made my husband feel very uncomfortable and she told us she does all the samples weekly,I knew that was wrong not even a women cop can search a man let alone a female who does not even work for the county can step in a room and watch the opsite sex pee!!!! The classes were wonderful i learned alot and began to trust that this program was a blessing then it start.ed I found the Lord and he began to open my eyes to the program every thaerapy session and every management class one on one they would ask me if my husband did not like it would i stay with out him.Of course i said yes cause its all my kids right!! But husband followed every rule worked hard looking for a job he found a lil part time job for construction so he had not worked in awihile his arms were weak so over the weekend he brought a 5pound weight to strengthen his arm.He told mitchelle on monday she said they werent allowed would he mind putting it in the car the next thing i knbow Anne is coming at me with I quote (Your husband isbeing exited for having a weapon and youwill be exting as well )Then they told me i couldnt talk to him change the code to the gate would not let me change I was in my bathing suite so were all my children told me to pick my stuff up at the gate the next day at 5pm we had just purchased 250.00 in groceies they had 816.00 of our cash money and told us we would get it in the mail. we came to get our stuff and they had let the community take all of our food not only did the abandon us leave us homeless foodless and pennyless . this is not right HOMESTART kicked us while were down Im not going to give up They owe money,food and some respect we are human too, some one out there help us fight back please.

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