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Published: 13 October 2018

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This South African (white) jxxxxxx thinks that the USA runs like South Africa and that he can intimidate is competition, by harassment and threats. He’s never figured out that in the USA competition that includes price, services for less is the norm, you would think that he has realizes this when he brings competitors coupons to Wal-Mart. But when some one tries to offer one of his residents better services for less, he as a fit. Her also belongs to some Assisted Living Association and he is the head of or was, basically he also doesn’t know that price fixing is a Federal Offence along with {Conspiracy to commit price fixing}, maybe he should learn the laws of the USA before he goes around implementing South African Law here. This is the USA where every one has the same opportunity to start any Business without intimidation from your competitors, or previous employers, there are laws like {Injunctions against harassment} just for this in the USA. But US law doesn’t apply to Mr. Steve Friedland he’s beyond the law, and by the way there is also Laws in the US that pretend to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of expression, maybe he should read the US Constitution and the bill of rights. He dresses like a homeless person with old shirts, pants and all wrinkle and comes off as some one that’s just getting by, and drives old vehicles to his businesses, but again in the USA we have public records that are easily assessable to any one with a computer and an Internet connection. There is even a you tube video of him complaining how he just gets by and makes no money, what a farce. www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoMLndpI9PE This axxxxxx refuses hire qualified help and to buy quality food for is residents at is three homes consistently and when is residents or residents families notice that they loved ones are losing weight, not being treated well and want to move to a new location with nutritious meals, and a better situation (price, larger room etc.) That’s when this Axxxxxx has a fit, and starts harassing and making threats to his competitors. (Other Assisting Living Homes). I guess he thinks that is residents are is prisoners and can’t leave (all they have to do is give a 30 day notice) that’s it read the DHS state laws, or that law doesn’t apply to the Home Sweet Homes that Steve runs, maybe he should run prisons, sounds like he might like that better. All along this jxxxxxx owns Large Assisted Living Homes at three different locations in the East Valley and a private home in an exclusive gated community in North Scottsdale(McDowel Mountain) that he bought for $950,000.00 in June 01, 2007 basically a million dollar home, and expensive vehicles parked at this location. 1xxxx North 1xxth Way Scottsdale, AZ.85255 Don’t let this Axxxxxx intimidate you or be impressed by his English-South-African accent he’s not that smart, just sounds that way, he’s just another Scammer taking advantage of the elderly for is own pure profit and greed. .

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