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Published: 28 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In April of 2007 my husband and I visited Homes by Vanderbuilt to look at modular homes. We selected a home and placed an order. The house was to be delivered August 28th. We were delighted with our selection and the service seemed to be outstanding. HBV received 10% down on 234,00.00 when we placed our order, with the additional 80% to be paid on delivery and the final 10% upon completion. The house arrived early, August 8th, and again we were surprised. Every morning around 5:30 am a crew arrived to work on our home. Time rolled around to the third week in September and we were informed that the house would be ready to close in 2 to 3 weeks. We had concerns regarding siding that was falling off and carpet that looked like it had been put in by monkeys and many other issues throughout the home but were assured that this would all be addressed. We secured permanent financing with a 30 day rate lock and sat back and waited. Weeks went by and no one worked on our home. We called and called and called and kept getting told that someone would be handling our concerns. Then the response changed to “that’s not my department, you have to call ____.” We kept calling and kept getting the runaround. Then it occurred to me, they got the large sum of their money, now we can screw off. And that’s exactly what happened. “This has been ordered, we are just waiting for it to come in.” Work orders were issued, yet no one came. This can’t be fixed. We’ll be there on Friday. No one showed up. We didn’t get all the materials yet. We called our attorney and he contacted them and then we were told that the house would be completed in a week. Again another stall on the carpet issue, oh sorry, we have crews on other houses right now, we can’t get to yours. Maybe you should have finished ours before you started another? All the while we were paying 1500.00 interest payments with nothing going to principal. Well at least HBV got paid, huh? Then after November 8th we lost our rate lock and it cost us another 600.00 in fees to keep our financing. Would HBV help with the cost? Nope, not their problem. It’s not their fault that we are not in our house yet! HBV originally didn’t want to fix the carpet and suggested a payoff and we could get Lowes to do it. I got estimates from 3 different places, but the price didn’t suit HBV and they said that now they would replace it. Still costing us interest payments everyday and never mind that we weren’t in our house, we wouldn’t want HBV to have to come out of their pocket to fix their mistakes, now would we? House will be finished by Friday. Thursday rolls around and the crew working on the carpet tells us that they can’t finish till Monday because the carpet guy wants to move into his house Friday. Nice. We finally moved in to our house Thanksgiving weekend. It cost us an additional 2500.00 in interest and 600.00 in mortgage fees. Not to mention the headaches and stress and inconvenience. Furniture deliveries had to be rescheduled several times, I missed work to take care of this mess and the whole time we were treated like we were the assholes. Nevermind that we spent 234,000.00 on a home. They did us a favor by giving us the crap that they did. Oh and the one year warranty? We were told that we bettter learn to get along our we could forget about the warranty. I cannot even begin to express the frustration and aggravation that we were subjected to. HBV told us ” We’ve been in business a long time and will continue to do so despite you.” I hope this report will save at least one consumer from this nightmare. If you are looking for a modular home run, don’t walk away from Homes By Vanderbuilt. From the time they got their large payment no one worked on our home, we were treated with disrespect and careless disregard when we compained and made to feel that we were an inconvenience and no one cared in the least that they cost us thousands of dollars. If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to blow and like to be treated like a piece of sh** for your trouble, Homes by Vanderbuilt is the place to go! Thehousefellonmysister Sanford, North Carolina U.S.A.

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