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Published: 26 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I performed work on 2 houses initially, which they paid me for the work completed. They then had 2 more jobs during which I was given 1 more large job. Being I was working on all 3 jobs, I had time and money into the large job. Upon completeion of the 2 smaller jobs, I submitted for payment which at that time the “net” payment time frame was 30-45 days. I had completed the large job and still was waiting for payment on the 2 small jobs but was only approaching the 45 day timeframe. After this it all went down hill. The project manager I had on the 2 small jobs stopped responding to my calls and emails, I still didn’t receive payment on those jobs as well as the other large job was starting to become close to a month due and the project manager that was my contact on that job left the company. I now was owed 20k and wasn’t getting prompt replies and when I did get someone to respond or talk to them on the phone I was informed that the work i had done was for clients that owed them millions and they couldn’t pay me til they received payment from them. I started to dig into the owners of the properties and found that the 2 smaller jobs were Fannie Mae owned homes, so I proceeded to file an “intent to lien ” on the property. Once this hit Fannie Mae I suddenly get a call from HomeStar that they wanted to pay for those jobs…. I guess maybe Fannie Mae didn’t owe them money like they said. I am still; 8 months after I completed; the large job which means I am owwd $11,400. They contacted me in June and wanted to offer a “settlement”…of $7500…wth. did I only do 65% of the work? So we negotiated back and forth for a month and I finally was going to accept $9000..thinking I will at least get something. I sent back their waivers and acceptance of payment to which I received an email that they had reallocated the funds because it took me 2 weeks to get the info back to them. I now know d**n well that they weren’t going to pay me that money. i have been sending correspondence to my contact there for the past month and get NO response. I have now decided to get info out there that these guys are ripping people off, as well as I will get my money thats owed to me. I will go to government agencies, news channels and what it takes. I can’t afford to work for free and I know there are others out there that have been duped too. Just as there are contractors that rip consumers off there are contractors, people and businesses that rip contractors off, this can’t be tolerated..nobody can afford to give up their money whether it is in cash or in time, labor and materials. .

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