Honda of Aventura

Honda of Aventura

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Published: 27 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Stay away from this guys! | I bought a used "certified" 2015 Honda Civic EX-L. The car had many noises and rattles that I changed it as they give that option, before 3 days or 500 miles you used the car. | I got there, and they showed me a 2015 Honda Civic EX (no leather and smaller rims), with just 6,700 miles. Great! They begun doing all the paperwork and AFTER I signed they told me that I owed & 036;2,700 for the exchange!!!. WHAT!!!! Same year – less equipment + low miles = similar price. I was totally open to pay some more for an almost new car but that amount is an assault!!! | I had an argue with Michael Costanza, the Manager. He told me that part of that difference was for the Certification. WHAT!!! (again), I already paid for the Certification of the first car. Do they certify them twice??? | Michael is fast with the numbers, all the papers where signed and ready and I didn’t want the first car… everything against me. Michael pushed and took too much advantage that I feel totally abused. Bad experience. He will get the last penny from your pocket. He DOESN’T care about getting a new customer, he only care about a one time deal. I’m sure that the owner (if any) will never approve that approach. There is no valid explanation for charging two times for Certification. Michael doesn’t care about giving you a good deal. A really sad approach… BUT WAIT!!!… THERE IS MORE!!! | I left the dealer with the second car after this very bad experience. For relaxing, I opened the sunroof and it had RUST!!! YES!!! RUST!!! What about the more than 150 points of the Certification? About the double charge for the Certification of this car???. The Certification is a SCAM. Is just a piece of paper. The rust is big and if they really reviewed the car they should at least check if the sunroof works. If you open it, you’ll see the rust immediately. | The only decent person there is Yvonne, she really knows about customer service, but the deals are closed by Michael. | I have the pictures of the rusty sunroof and the receipts for the re-Certification. I’ll have to waste more time waiting for them to change it… if they know how to do it. | WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Is there anybody else in charge than can give me a reasonable explanation about their procedures????????? | I don’t know how this guys gets so many positive reviews. I wis you could see at my "Re-Certified Rusty Sunroof".

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