Honda Of Escondido

Honda Of Escondido

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Published: 22 March 2021

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These penske auto group dealerships have made the decision to violate every vehicle on this and other brand lots with an aftermarket security system. They cut factory wiring to install a system that is not covered by your factory warranty. Which in turn will render a portion of this warranty useless. A reason to deny a claim and become a customer pay repair, tow or another un reimbursable expense. They have the nerve to charge you for this system at well over a 200% markup with a pressure sales technique at signing. This system is more of a profit center and a convenience for them Programmable for universal vehicle access). Then they will tell you that the system comes with a 3 year/36,000 parts | And labor warranty. This aftermarket warranty won’t pay for a tow, transportation or the other benefits your new vehicle warranty may allow. You now have to deal with a second company for reimbursement and that is “if” you sent in your registration card for the system. | If you purchased extended warranty to cover bumper to bumper for additional years – too bad so sad. Even if you don’t purchase the system, the damage is done – the system remains wired in the vehicle inactive but still there. The security you feel with a factory warranty is now compromised. The choice to jeopardize your factory warranty should be yours. This is a failure to disclose material facts about a vehicle prior to sale. One indication is | If the sales associate has to pound on the window to open the vehicle. The shock sensor allows access – the systems are pre-installed by the dealer. There will also be a small box screwed/wired in the dash below the dash/steering column. You are better off looking for a dealership that must retrieve the keys from the office or one that uses the old fashioned lock boxes. Also, if they tell you your vehicle doesn’t come stock with a car alarm – this is a play on words I have to admit is pretty ingenious). The manufacturer of the system they install & sell is karr. Please read the links with comments attached below for more info. | Doing so may damage the system and make your vehicle inoperable. Page 145 security system alarm do not set the security system alarm when someone is in the vehicle or a window is open. The system can accidentally activate when: • unlocking the door with the lock tab. • opening the hood with the hood release. If the battery goes dead after you have set the security system alarm, the security alarm | May go off once the battery is recharged or replaced. If this occurs, deactivate the security system alarm by unlocking a door using the key, remote transmitter, or smart entry system. Do not attempt to alter this system or add another device to it. General warranty provisions the warranties in this booklet do not cover: • the failure of any part or accessory due to: – the installation of any part that is not equal to the original in quality of materials or workmanship. – any failure caused by modifying the vehicle, or installing accessories not authorized by honda.

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