Honda of Superstition Springs

Honda of Superstition Springs Review

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Published: 01 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Walk in, u get attacked, each minute. Looked at a car while wife stayed indoors w kids, sales said yeah we come off sticker Price. So filing papers in front of wife, sales said no thats the price, we cant change making it hard for a man too speak his voice calling sales guy a liar. Anyways I did, called him a theif, liar, wrong for putting me in a corner, not dropping price. Few mgrs fllwd us outside w kids in hand, making my exit hard. I got voice mailed Saying the price is what i wanted in 1st place. So I go test drive-send kids to mcd’s w wife. Asked me- city or hwy test. I said hwy to warm tranny fluid and hear noises. I get on us60 & try to get in middle lane, then sales says No loudly repeatadly 3x’s. We have to get off hwy at higley less than 1 mile away. I say why do we have to 3x’s. Car felt cold still. Got back to honda and pulled tranny stick, it was thick fluid, kinda cold still. But pamphlet says they check vehicles and assure quality. We buy the pilot. Drive home 10mi away. Take to work 30mi away sunday night and check warm tranny. The whole tranny stick is bubbly and tranny is slipping and surging and hard on taking off frm stoplight. Which i didnt get to test drive. But trust was a big part of this buy. I took pilot to them monday asap. They said no probs. the tranny fluid was changed and since no codes, no repairing the bad front gears. Im a mechanic and know how cars shift when warm. i have silver warranty and they still wont fix. Avoid pressure by a sales that lie in front of ur family, dont know warm engines, & only knows how to put gas in them. Then sales mgr lies too, he will say it looks repaired, refer u to nobody, just mislead, down play, saying our guys took care of it. Then shop mgr says we changed oil, and bad oil is cause of bubbles. Bubbles came back by the end of week, and still same garbage tranny. But shop says its ok. No codes, its perfect. They need too lose alot of sales. Untrained, unhelpful in letting me be the judge on cars Closed loop. When at certain temp, it sends codes, & fluids change appearance. Help me by making them go broke. Avoid multiple times returned w/ different people avoiding the truth. Even check in guy on garage side, asked what problems you want on repair order, then purposly didnt write bubbles on tranny dipstick on the repair order. He knew, I shoved repair order back at him until he wrote Tranny bubbles, then signed it. Bullies, Bull**** .

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