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Published: 25 March 2019

Posted by: mindysue35

Hondros College of Nursing would not allow friends or family members to come to the pinning of the new graduates. New graduates deserve appreciation for their hard work, and certainly deserve to have their friends and family be present to see them be honored for their hard work. Even after students complained and went to the administration and asked for family and friends to be allowed to be present at their own pinning…Staff responded with ” I DON”T EVEN WANT TO HEAR IT, OUR DECISION IS FINAL!” What a beautiful way to treat graduates who have worked so hard and sacrificed so much. By the way, families have sacrificed a great deal too to get their loved on through nursing school. Hondros is certainly not the cheapest college around and you think they could honor this request. Also, they only hold a graduation ceremony twice a year, and students finish the program quarterly, and they make the students wait 3 months to even have a graduation ceremony. They do allow you to have 5 friends or family present at this ceremony. They give you 2 uniforms, which you pay for, that must be worn 5 days a week. THANKS HONDROS FOR NOT GIVING MY LOVED ONE THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVED AND WORKED SO HARD FOR!!! VERY REWARDING FOR THEM. I wish our children could see their parent be recognized for their hard work. That would of been such a treasure. But the decision was final. I guess some people just have to have their way and make sure their authority is known than to think of others.

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