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It was a mistake to have gone to Hood River Dental Care.

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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I made an appointment with Hood River Dental to have an infusion fixed to my front tooth. My first visit and I was anxious to get there and have my tooth attended to.

I entered the reception area on time and confirmed my appointment at the front desk. Half an hour later I was called into dentist room. There I was standing in the middle of the room in the hope to have my tooth infused.

I did not expect to wait that long and there were no patients ahead of me. The dental room was quiet and so was the staff at Hood River Dental.

I sat on the highchair with confidence and the dentist examined my tooth and got on with the preparation of materials to infuse it. It was awkward when he started to scrape down the cavities before the infusion process.

At Hood River, Dental Care staff members were unfriendly and did not show any effort to assist the dentist with my tooth infusion.

I had an awful experience in the dental room. A toothache and headache after the procedure. Everything felt uncomfortable and unpleasant by the staff at the Hood River Dental. A small procedure and the dentist caused my tooth to get loose and painful. I went to the dentist to have my tooth fixed but got a loose and painful tooth. The front tooth didn’t feel secure.

I don’t trust what they do in dental care. Personnel made no effort to encourage my situation to feel better and I felt alone in the quiet rooms of Hood River Dental Care. The low quality of dentist materials used for the tooth infusion didn’t stay on for two days. The infusion split up and my tooth was painful and most of the cavities were not cleaned out.

Things got worse on my front tooth. The less qualified staff don’t care for patients at Hood River Dental Care. I did not go back there for their poor knowledge of how to fix an infusion to my front tooth. The lack of services and quality of work disappointed me.

The rude personnel is the other reason for me to find another dentist. Hygienist and dentist are average in their work with dental patients.

I am not impressed with the poor quality of dentist materials used in the infusion. There are no professionals at this dentist. This shows me no manners, rude, inconsiderate toward customer care, and the unpleasant staff members are not qualified at the Hood River Dental Care.

The arrogant staff and dentist charged me a high rate on the procedure that it didn’t last more than two days. The small procedure turned out to be a bigger one with staff at the clinic.

I don’t appreciate the high charges with no quality was offered to my dental work. For the poor quality of dentistry and horrible customer service, I changed my dentist.

The experience was terrible at Hood River Dental Care. I don’t recommend a high-priced dentist for any of my friends or family. Also, at Hood River, Dental Care has nonprofessional staff and poorly qualified in their jobs at the practice. Go elsewhere and research the practice background before an appointment.

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