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Published: 26 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Thank god, I had a brain to not to send her $1750 spell even if she offer payment plans. She blocked me from her Hoodoo Delish facebook group. All I did was ask other members have they seen any results from her work! They reported my facebook page for harassment. She sent email threating me which I have saved. Since I have live in the same city as her now, I have already filed a police report , attorney generals office, state FBI with her real information not her alias. Hello! Hoodoo Delish AKA Avi Bevi AKA Rebecca Avonim is based on 100% Fraud ripping off African American Culture and anyone who is desperate in need of spiritually assistance. Many consumers don’t do research before getting ripped off of thousands of dollars. | Hoodoo Delish (Rebecca Avonim) use to work as fake psychic reader many years until people caugh to the scam. After, she failed as a psychic she started to watch youtube videos and stalk various forums to become a rootworker. She saw other Caucasian scam artist and she joined in. Looking at her background check on been verified website her alias giver her different name. Also, who or what is she on the run from? Why so many states? Did something happen in California and North Dakota. | She doesn’t believe in paying Taxes either. Hello! I just read on another facebook posting that she keeps on changing her paypal email addresses when or before she reaches her 20K limit and the income is reported to the IRS. This must be the week for shenanigans. Something similar happened to a friend in another group I belong to. The culprit explained and explained and explained, trying to convince the group of the innocence of her shenanigans. But it was a clear setup to attack another Goddess | Dear Lord, this idiot is trying to get people murdered by poison. She made a post about uses of Saltpeter. In the posting she gave instructions to consume by feeding it to your target. Then went back changed it saying it causes organ failure. Hello! | Another valued point here. How the hell can you pray in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost with the help of my angels, and ancestors to’ BREAK UP WORK’????????? If ‘Break Up Work’ is considered black magic putting a curse on someone to break up and fight how can your words of empowerment be about praying to Jesus? WTF? | Anyone that was dumb enough to buy a spell from here must be really desperate or mental ill. | It’s obvious she created her own testimonies. | If you call her out she will give you a BS response (refer to screenshot take on 2/7/2018) such as | “Well I get from various places, peoples, and experiences”. | “My work represents some modern, traditional , etc”. | She turned off the comment section on the post yesterday. Girl Bye! LMAO | One more point to make. | In several of her videos we can see her using water down essential oils that contact chemicals. For someone who is supposed to be so real 100% pure Hoodoo who preaches and call other works ‘COMMERCILIZED’ Why do you use Walmart and other cheap fake essential oils. That’s when she’s promoted other fraudulent spiritualist’s products. Hello! Now we know why larger businesses have customer service support and we know the majority of questions and problems are obvious and could’ve been avoided if people stopped to think or simply read and followed the directions. If you really think about it. Everything she does is Basic! She almost remind of a Fraudulent witch from Alabama and her “husband” tries to read me! Claimed she could make it rain. | | In other words, SHE MADE IT ALL UP! SHE BLANTLEY PLAGERISED FROM OTHER WORKS ESPECIALLY” LUCKY MOJO”. Oh wait! She admitted it in one of her I only show my hands YouTube videos. She took from lucky mojo books and even shows them on camera. lol | She also said , “For years I have been taking notes and information from various spell forums and watching other youtubers. | So, how did she even get started on such a path being white? Even worst, she is promoting other Caucasian rootworker scammers such conjure cardea, Papa Gilly (Gillman Ross), inexplicable things – bayou witchery rootwork & conjure(Shawn Marie and Kelley Jeffrey, etc. According, to a infamous forum (screenshot) we have found out that not only does she promotes fraud but some of the people she’s promotes have go fund me accounts, rip off reports, blog postings, and scam reports written on them that are more than 100% accurate. Just google these people mentioned and proof will come up. I assume since Papa Gilly and Shawn Marie of inexplicable things live in New Orleans that they can steal African American Folklore. We know that is the case here for people that not related to this culture and beliefs to profit of others turning it into a get rich quick scheme business. | If you want a real worker, I suggest Mystic Persia! two8spirit8mystic8.blogspot.com/ | Her Ancient Egypt Magic works 100% and she has affordable classes showing you how to do your own work. | Hoodoo Delish EXPOSED herself in her own “How To Avoid Hoodoo Scams”.

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