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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Several reports about this company has been removed or no longer showing. Look at the gap in the reports. There were over 25 reports at one time about this company. Let me refresh the list of unusual activities that this company practices. 1. The equipment that they want you to lease is in such bad shape that it will probably breakdown on your first trip costing you hundreds of dollars. 2. They will stop payment on your payroll check at any time. And they will jump from one bank to the next after they close their account. 3. They will not return any escrows at the time of seperation with the company because they will come up with bogus damages that you have caused to the equipment. They do this to all drivers and they dont fix the so called damages from previous drivers. They just state the damage, take the driver’s money, and throw another driver in the truck. 4. You have to watch your payroll very close…they know how to steal your money right under your nose without you knowing it. But when they get caught… they claim they made a mistake, or they had you coded wrong in the computor. 5. According to the contract, they will keep your last two paychecks until the end of the 45 days. You have to pull teeth in order to get those checks. Plus they will block your number in their phone system and never answer your calls or they will automatically transfer your call to a dead trunk that no one never answers. 6. Numberous calls have been reported to the local Sheriff’s Department. They will advice you that there is nothing they can do for you, They will tell you to seek an attorney and that it is a civil matter. They will tell you that there has been numberous calls about this company and their advice is take them to court. 7. Upon termination of contract they will put false information on your DAC report. 8. When they suspect that you are fed up and ready to quit, they will intentionally keep you from returning to their terminal or garage. even though you gave them a noticed, They will keep you out as long as they can because they know they will keep your last two checks. 9. This company claims that it operates under Christian principles and they have a Bible verse on the back of their trailers…Go figure. I hope this information will help you out. Please do not be a victim to their nonsense. Trust me. I hope the previous drivers notices that all those reports throughout the years are no longer being displayed and will repost their bad experiences. I lost about $15,000.00 with this company and did not work for them a whole year. Please be careful when choosing a company who you wish to drive for.

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