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Published: 03 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

What an unfortunate experience my friend had. It was so hard for him to narrate it to me but he had no option because the damage was so evident. My friend had come across Hopkins dentistry on the internet. It had many reviews which were so positive. Since he had a problem with his teeth, he needed a partial denture for his molar teeth, and also needed one tooth uprooted. So he decided to book an online appointment which was scheduled in two days. On the due day, he woke up so early because the clinic was quite a distance. On reaching the clinic he was highly disappointed because he was informed by the receptionist who had no regard whatsoever for him that he was not on the appointment list. He tried to explain it to her but she just brushed her off and told him to stop whining and come another day and that they had more important things than listen to him. He had no option but to go back the following morning, this was so hard but he had to because he needed their help because he had thought they were the best amongst all. On arriving there the next morning he was met with cold shoulders but he didn’t care because he needed his teeth fixed. He was told to wait two hours cause the dentist was busy, which was not the case because he had no patience. When his turn came, he went in, the doctor could not even look at him, he was just busy on his laptop with his earphones plugged. My friend caught a glimpse of what he was watching; it was a television show which was so trending. He had to call him for a couple of times before the dentist could finally respond. This made my friend so annoyed, as he was explaining the incident to me, I could see the rage in his eyes. Apparently, that was just a beginning, my friend explained his problem to the dentist who immediately started the procedure without hesitation, not caring about asking about any allergies my friend had or any complications. My friend showed him the tooth that was to be uprooted and the molar tooth which was to be filled. The dentist administered anesthesia and my friend was told to wait for 15 minutes before it could be ready for the procedure. Without even hesitating the dentist went back to his watching. This was so annoying not only to my friend but to anyone else. 30 minutes elapsed but there was no activity from the dentist, by the time he was starting the procedure, the anesthesia had started wearing off. This made my friend feel all the pain almost 100%. After the procedure, he immediately started filling the tooth and after that, my friend was released. On getting home he realized that the dentist had uprooted the wrong tooth, this was so devastating considering all the pain he had gone through. He went back again to the clinic, undergoing more transport fees. Due to his health, he had no option. At the clinic the dentist denied claiming that my friend had shown him the wrong tooth, he had to go through the same procedure again to remove the right tooth at an added price. This was not enough, after a few days the filled part of the tooth fell off, confirming that it was fake. All my friends’ money had gone to waste and to the wrong hands because when he went back they denied ever doing that, and also claiming that my friend had no evidence to accuse them. I don’t recommend this Hopkins Dentistry to any person, because it is very dangerous.

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