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Published: 12 January 2020

Posted by: Ex Driver

Dave L”s posting is spot on. I “retired” after 25 yrs as a deputy sheriff. My son-in-law, an O/O semi driver, told me about Horizon. I applied online & was accepted. Traded my Taurus for an F350 dually, bought all required equipment, and headed to IN. Orientation was a mess; very disorganized. Paid $1500 damage deposit, $25 drug test, $50 for tags, and $20 for magnetic placards. Absolutely hated the “job” from first haul. Considered an “independent contractor”, but nothing independent about it. Between DOT regs and Horizon policies, the only thing driver has control over is which load to take (and that”s greatly restricted until you hit 25, 000 loaded miles. I quit in March “16 after 28, 000 loaded miles. Last straw was a trailer tire blowout that was a ##### to fix on side of road. Thought of returning a few times, then think about how much I hated doing it and abandon the thought. Bottom line: they are constantly processing new drivers. There must be a reason for that.

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