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Horusicky Construction, Inc.

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Published: 25 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Horusicky built a pool for me this year and in my opinion it was an abysmally horrible experience! | I paid $135,000 of a $153,000 contract (I legally withheld the final $18,000 scheduled payment pending my complaint to the CSLB) and unfortunately did not get what I paid for. After my pool work was completed (FOUR MONTHS LATE) my pool was inspected and we discovered that Horusicky had swapped (WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT) Pebble Sheen brand pool plaster for Stonescapes brand which is in my opinion far cheaper and of much less quality than what I had ordered and paid for. It’s kind of like paying for a Mercedes and getting a Kia dressed up to look like a Mercedes. | Horusicky also did sub-standard concrete work that is cracking everywhere and is not sloped correctly, so water doesn’t go to drains and when they poured it they didn’t put plastic protection on my home’s walls so he caused acid stains on my new stucco walls! Horusicky actually had the nerve to ask me to wash the acid off of my concrete the day after it was poured, on a SUNDAY like it was my job!! He also had me go to the Department of Building and Safety to get permits after I paid him almost $2000 to do that for me! | My contract said that Horusicky would remove and replace old hardscape tiles and concrete with new tiles and new concrete and in one large area Horusicky put new tile and concrete block, not concrete, on top of old tile and in my opinion made a pretty poor attempt to hide the defect. | One of the worst defects that Horusicky caused is that he covered my home’s weep screed with concrete tile which could cause mold in my wall! This defect was cited by the Department of Building and Safety and because of this I still do not have a final “closed” permit for my pool. We were so displeased and upset that a licensed contractor would do something like this we filed a complaint with the CALIFORNIA CONTRACTORS LICENSE BOARD, which is going to inspect my pool in January. Amazingly, when HORUSICKY Said that he was finished with my pool HE had the nerve to give me a final bill for $12,000 MORE THAN MY SCHEDULED FINAL PAYMENT and the building inspector gave Horusicky a two page correction list of things that he needed to fix because they were not done correctly! FYI, Horusicky doesn’t use licensed plumbers and electricians to do that important work on your pool. | My contract clearly states that Horusicky would use 4500 PSI shotcrete for my pool structure but again WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT Horusicky used 4000 psi shotcrete which in my opinion is less strong and less expensive. | In June I took my family to Rancho Mirage to swim because Horusicky was late in finishing the pool. When we returned we were horrified to discover that Horusicky had installed white water-line tile grout WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT, so this set us back another month while his guys chopped out the white grout and replaced it for what we wanted. | My contract says that my pool was targeted to be completed in May of 2016 but it was not done until October, which is when I finally got Horusicky’s pool plaster sub contractor to come to my house to attempt to sand down the sharp edges that his crew had left in my pool and spa causing cuts on my kids. So, my family was without a pool for the entire summer! The plaster in the spa is still so sharp and lumpy you’d think that a child constructed it. | When Horusicky finished installing my remote controller for my system her threw it on my backyard daybed. When I chased after him I asked him if he could show me how to program it and use it and he kept walking and said “just push the buttons!” In my opinion that is just an example of the kind of horrible customer service that we received from Horusicky. | Horusicky’s crew broke several things in my home for which I have not been compensated. They hit my grill station with their Bobcat mini-backhoe and broke an $800.00 stainless steel door, they broke my front gate, my front wall sconce, 2 new garden hoses and destroyed a new utility cart, slashing all of its wheels and they dented my rain downspouts. | One of the worst aspects of my experience with Horusicky is that it has taken so much of my valuable time on inspectors, the Contractors License Board, attorney calls and emails, and writing reviews like this so that hopefully you don’t have a similar experience. He screwed my time and was completely disruptive to our work and social schedules! | You can only imagine why a licensed pool contractor who agrees to a specific price to finish your pool would replace materials that you ordered without your consent or knowledge, make choices that you did not authorize and cut so many corners as Horusicky did to us. | In my opinion Horusicky’s response to this review is a total fabrication, just like his dishonest work. I have, photos, emails etc to prove everything that I allege…. in my opinion crooks just hate being caught.

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