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They took my money but didn’t let me join the institute.

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Published: 23 June 2019

Posted by: Zion

These people are scammers. They didn’t even issue me a refund for the payment they had accepted. They stole $5000 from me! They are thieves who love to steal from common people. I had heard a lot of great things about these people but it’s clear to me that most of them were lies. Hoss Lee Academy is a major scam. I don’t think anyone should put effort into joining the place. There is a 50/50 chance that they’ll steal from you and not let you join the place. And there ‘s a 100% chance that they’ll steal from you whether you join the place or not. After my terrible experience with these people, I realized that Hoss Lee Academy is a place one should maintain a distance from. Otherwise, one can easily get scammed and lose a great deal of money.

I came in contact with these people a few months ago. The reason was obvious, I wanted to enter the field of cosmetology and I thought it was a reputed institute. I called them, discussed their courses, campus, and fees, and decided that it was the perfect place for me to learn something. So I visited the place and talked to them about joining it. They told me that I’ll need to pay them a joining fee of $5,000 at first. So, I paid the sum. It was a big amount so I had to borrow some from a friend and use my savings. I paid these guys and then they told me that they’ll notify me about my admission. I asked them when I should expect their notification and they told me that it might take them a few weeks to process everything. I waited for 2 weeks but I didn’t hear anything from these people. So I contacted them and they told me that I shouldn’t worry. They also told me that they’ll notify when their new classes will start.

I waited for another 2 weeks after that and I got no response. When I contacted them this time, they told me that they couldn’t admit me into their institute. I asked them why but they couldn’t give me any specific reason. I asked them about my refund and they told me that they’ll look into it. I was really mad at those guys. After wasting a month’s time and taking $5,000 from me, they decided to leave me out. But I was more concerned about my refund. When I contacted those guys later the customer service rep told me that she wasn’t aware of any refund requests. I told her about the situation and asked her to issue a refund as fast as possible. But even after a month, I haven’t received any refund from these guys. They ate up my money. Hoss Lee Academy is run by thieves and scammers so maintain a safe distance. You’d be much safer by keeping a distance.

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