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Shaved half my hair off! Stay away!!!

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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Being a model, I often have to change my looks for different roles and needs of my shows. I had a fashion show next week and for that; I needed a particular haircut. I chose Hot Spots Salon Spa, cause it was near my house. I explained to them that I needed my hair to be cut short, around shoulder-length. This design was the one I needed for a big gig and thus it was very important for the stylists to do the work properly.

The salon staff started their work after a while. They made me sit comfortably and sprayed my hair with water. Then I started cutting my hair neatly. I was excited and waited patiently for the look to the finish. They finally cut the hair up to my shoulders. It looked beautiful. Then they took the electric razor to shave a part, as they were supposed to do. I closed my eyes as the hair would fall to my face. In the matter of a few seconds, I opened my eyes and looked at myself in utter disbelief. They had shaved my entire left side off. It took me a minute to realize I now have become half bald. The man was smiling at me. I was stunned and I yelled at him. I told him that I wanted only a part of the leftside to be shaved, not the whole thing! Hesitant, he said that he had gone with the flow of the music playing and forgot where to stop the razor.

Now the question arose in front of me that how was I supposed to face the world as a half bald model. This was also a style but with some patterns of hair on the bald side. Not half bald like a wild experiment. Without saying a word, I walked out. Two of the stylists came running to ask me for the payment. I denied it and an argument was bound to start. I could not take any more of this, so I paid for them. People were staring at me on the street because the shave was not even in a shape so I looked weird. Rather ugly.

I went home and called my director. I told him my situation and he asked him to meet me that evening. Upon meeting me, he laughed at my face and said it looked really bad. So bad, that I could not flaunt it and unfortunately I would not be able to do the fashion show. This look was not what they had wanted. However, there was something worse that had happened. Every contract of modeling that I had signed got canceled as no one was willing to put up with a half-bald model on shows or magazines etc. I cannot express how depressed I became because of this hairdo. I would not be able to earn for a year and be embarrassed to show my face to everyone. I felt terrible from within. It seemed like my beauty had faded in one night.

I would advice everyone never to visit this salon. The left side was clean shaved like a baby’s butt. It was useless to go to the salon. Their small carelessness almost ruined my whole career. Please stay away from these creeps.


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