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Published: 11 December 2018

Posted by: J W jacuzzi/hottub covers may have chemical contaminants in foam that will burn the vinyl liner. This is a built in defect will not replace under warranty either. I have contacted them 4 times with photo’s and descriptions of damages caused on their covers and they will not honor a warranty claim. last email to in reply and rebuttal to their accusations… When I ordered the ‘premium’ cover from I thought I was dealing with a reputable company who would stand behind the product they sell. I thought was a company that would not deny a claim and try to push fault on the consumer. I was wrong. When I contacted Phillips about my plasma warranty, they sent someone out and picked up, repair and deliver my TV back to my house. When I contacted Delta about my faucet leaking, they sent out replacement parts. When I contacted my Allstate about a cracked windshield, they replaced it. None of these company’s created accusations to why “I caused the problem.” Instead they HONORed their contract and commitment and resolved the claim RESPECTfully. When I contacted about an obvious chemical contaminant (from appears to be an oil drum), they immediately denied fault and subsequently denied a warranty claim. Worse yet they immediately accused me of creating the damage – Accusation #1 “chemicals in your spa water were at a level that could melt vinyl” FALSE – there is nothing in the Jacuzzi except h2O – as stated earlier, the Jacuzzi was drained in April, refilled and no chemicals added. the cover has been locked closed and the hot tub not touched since April. Accusation #2 “from the top-down and the patterns of the burn marks here would suggest human activity as chemical reactions do not create uniform stroke marks (like a partial imprint from hot barbecue grill, for example)” – FALSE – chemicals can cause oil drum shaped burns if chemicals exist on the oil drum and make contact with affected area. as stated earlier, there was only one spot on the cover a month ago and it did not look anything like it does now. 3 weeks ago another spot appeared, and 2 weeks ago another spot appeared – and all three areas are getting progressively worse. If this were a grill (which I don’t have, but I’ll play along with your accusations), 1st – it would have damaged the cover uniformly, 2nd – it wouldn’t get progressively worse over a few weeks (i.e., go from none existent, to an indention, to a few bubbles, to melted look, to dissolved and cracked over a matter of weeks – like a chemical burn!). I originally considered I may have caused the damage when the 1st spot appeared. However, when the 1st spot got worse, and then 2 more began to appear – it’s obvious with indentions in foam, and the subsequent surface reactions above them – that this is a chemically induced burn from a contaminant during manufacture. As stated earlier, there is an oil drum shaped indention in the foam, underneath the vinyl – even where the surface damage has not occurred yet. I’m not sure how I caused this, since I wasn’t at the factory during manufacture when the vinyl was placed over the foam, nor did I somehow remove the vinyl, find an oil drum with chemicals, place on top of foam and then re-attach vinyl. I can send you higher resolution photo’s, which show the bubbles and or cut out a piece for you to see that the problem is coming from the foam – but it’s obvious your methods are not to HONOR a warranty claim. I have no problem buying another cover as money is not an issue. My problem is I believe in PRINCIPLES – like DUTY, HONOR and RESPECT – principles your company must not employ. I otherwise would not waste my time writing your company, but it burns me when folks do not HONOR their commitments. I suppose the only thing I can do now is warn others about your ‘premium’ covers, BBB, eBay,, and other business and personal contacts, which doesn’t help your business nor does it repair my chemically damaged cover. However, It does give me resolve that I may have helped protect folks from claim to be a reputable business – and your claim to have a ‘bumper to bumper’ warranty that they will HONOR. I sincerely feel it unfortunate this is the path has chosen.

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