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Hotwire, Inc.

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Published: 24 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I just made a reservation on for a rental car for an upcoming trip. I ended up purchasing the hotwire rate and upon reviewing it in my email confirmation, saw I had picked up the wrong fare. Keep in mind: I was at work doing when I made the reservations and saw I needed to change it. Typically, like most common sense people, when I get a fare on one of these sites I will review the options thoroughly to make sure I get the best fare. So it takes me more than 30 minutes. Anyway, after review I called Hotwire to speak with a representative thinking of course they will cancel this, I just made it two minutes ago. I was transferred to an overseas office and spoke with someone named Lisa (I’m sure this is not her real name). I told her my issue. She then says, we need to make a new reservation and then we will return your old one. WHAT?? So you want me to put more money on my card ($200 more) while I wait 10 days to get my $150 I already paid back? That is ridiculous!! I then began to tell her, ma’am I understand you policy but I just made this 15 MINUTES AGO! You mean to tell me that you are going to penalize me for 15 minutes?? Most other average companies will give you that courtesy. Oh, but not Lisa. She stuck to her script and continued to say, I cannot give you the refund without a new reservation!! THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS BULLS* I HAVE EVER HEARD! I asked for her supervisor. She asked me why and I told her, because you are not hearing what I am saying and are wasting my time trying to gauge me for more money. Its not right. She puts me on hold and comes back to say, I cant give you the refund without a new reservation. Do you still want to speak with my supervisor? If you are still going to penalize me for a mistake caught in 15 minutes…YESSS! She pretty much refuses to let me speak with her supervisor. A WORD OF CAUTION: DO NOT MAKE ANY RESERVATIONS WITH HOTWIRE. THEIR SERVICE HAS GONNA DOWN THE TUBES. THEY HAVE PRETTY MUCH SOURCED THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE OVERSEAS TO INDIAN NATIONS THAT DON’T GIVE A d**n ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. STICK WITH EXPEDIA OR ANYTHING ELSE THAN HOTWIRE. IF YOU DO, YOU ARE ALMOST GUARANTEED A NIGHTMARE. THIS WAS NOT MY FIRST CONFLICT WITH HOTWIRE BUT IT IS d**n SURE MY LAST!

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