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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am elderly, 63 years old, and my daughter is permanently disabled. My daughter knew of prolotherapy from her Beverly Hills PCP, who told her he charges $200.00 per area and no office visit fee, no consultation fee. She found Dr. Fandrich on a google search, and we decided to take a chance and see him for prolotherapy treatments for my hip and for my daughter’s back (she has degenerative disk disease/herniated disks in her neck, upper back and lower back). | On our first visit, it was just myself, not my daughter getting treatment. dr. Fandrich was very nice, he explained to me what my daughter had already told me about prolotherapy so I decided to go ahead and get my first round of prolotherapy shots. Cost was $329.00 for initial consultation and $295.00 for the prolotherapy shots, plus $45 for an adjustment of my hips and an accupuncture needle in the top of my head with a warm lamp on my feet. My total for my first visit was $670.00. During that first appointment, my daughter explained that her Beverly Hills doctor would not charge her for office visits, and Dr Fandrich said he would ALSO not charge us for office visits just the prolotherapy shots. There were 4 of us in the room when that was said, me, my daughter, Elizabeth and Dr. Fandrich. Since he told us that, my daughter decided to get prolotherapy for her back when I scheduled my 2nd appointment. My daughter spoke to Elizabeth, dr Fandrich’s assistant before her first appointment, asked her if she would also be charged the $329.00 consultation fee, and Elizabeth told her that since she was present during my consultation, and since my daughter already knew about prolotherapy from her consultation with her Beverly Hills pcp, that she wouldnt have to pay the fee. | When I went in for my 2nd prolotherapy injection, I was not charged for the office visit, just $295.00 for the prolotherapy and $45.00 for the hip adjustment, hot lamp and accupuncture needle in the top of my head. My 2nd visit I paid $345.00-$350.00. I wasnt charged any office visit fee. It was my daughters’ first appointment with them, and she was surprised when it came time to pay the bill, it was almost $600.00! They charged her $329.00 for the consultation which she was told she wouldnt have to pay, and then an additional $265.00 for NEURO-PROLOTHERAPY, which is not as strong as regular prolotherapy! I wathced my daughters injections, which were in the front of her neck, neck, occiput area down to her thorasic spine. The doctor said he was using the NEURO-PROLOTHERAPY to reset her muscles from being in so much pain. He didnt adjust her hips on the first visit, so that was it. her pain came back rather quickly, about 2 weeks after the injections. We know with prolotherapy, it is suggested to get the injections 4-6 weeks apart, to continue the healing process. | THIS IS AN ALTERNATIVE THERAPY, thats why no insurance covers it and we had to pay cash out of pocket. The 3rd visit for me and the 2nd visit for my daughter is where we encounted problems, both of us felt our sessions were rushed so they could go to lunch. They even left the accupuncture needle in my head! I realized that after we had left the office! Also, we were BOTH charged an additional $75.00 each for the office visit! So we were both shocked when the receptionist at the front desk told us it would be $415.00 for me and $385.00 for my daughter! We wanted to tell them the doctor said no office visit fee would be charged, but Dr Fandrich and his assistant Elizabeth had already rushed out to lunch! My daughter was not happy with her 2nd appointment either, they rushed through her appointment even faster than mine! The doctor only used 4 vials to inject her back, 2 were neuro-prolotherapy and 2 were regular prolotherapy. But she was not injected in the front area of her neck like the first time, and theleft side of her neck and back were not injected like the first time either. It was very rushed. | We called the Monday after that Friday appointment, December 29, 2017, and we never got a call back! Dr Fandrich also gave me some samples of a medication that would help my diabetes, since he is also diabetic, and he told me to call him in a couple of weeks to let him know how it was working. We thought we had built up a good rapport with them, but its been over 2 weeks now and nobody has returned our call! We have left voicemail messages at the front desk, as well as a text to his assistant Elizabeth, to no avail! We dont have an email address for them or we would have sent them an email! Its very unprofessional to not call your patients back, especially when we have spent well over $2,000.00 with them! We never got an answer to why we were charged for office visit, when doctor said he wouldnt charge that, and we have appointment s for both of us on January 25, 2018. | My daughter is not completed with her treatemtn, and I will most likely need a fourth injection, even though the doctor said I would only need 3 injections. It concerns us to go back to them after they have ignored us like this. We have called almost everyday since December 29, 2017, and NOBODY has called us back to explain things! We feel we were baited and switched, and I have never been through this before, where a doctors office wont call you back! We will be cancelling our appointments with them for this month! But that leaves us in a lurch, meaning we have no other choice than to fly me to Los Angeles to see my daughters’ doctor! So I have to buy a plane ticket now to continue my prolotherapy treatment. We are looking for a refund of our money, because of the bait and switch! We thought they were so nice until this happened on the December 29th visit! I dont know how they can sleep at night taking advantage of people like that, and just ignoring us after we have spent so much moeny out of pocket! Im elderly and my daughter is disabled! We live on fixed incomes and my other daughter loaned us money in order to pay for this treatment! For them to rush through our last visit like they did, then overcharge us and they were gone to lunch, we had no recourse! I hope this and our complaint sent to the Attourney General of Texas will yield some response from them! If any lawyers see this, please help!

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