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All I know is I’d never go there again in my lifetime.

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Published: 03 May 2019

Posted by: Frank

I thought Hoybjerg Orthodontics was a trustworthy name. You can search for them online and you’ll come across plenty of positive reviews. I made the mistake of believing those reviews. I had thought it was a trustworthy place while it certainly wasn’t. In fact, it’s completely the opposite. The dentists are just trying to rip you off and have little or no knowledge of their trade. I found this out the hard way. And I wish if there was some way to avoid this. Because going to this clinic and getting my braces there cost me a lot. These people overcharged me. They lied to me about the costs right before they were going to issue my invoices. I was unaware of their vicious activities. They are scammers and they only try to steal your money.

And they are money hungry. They don’t care if you are facing any problems or if you have kept everything clear with them since the start. They’ll still add hidden charges to all of their invoices to make sure they can get the most cash out of your pockets. They are heartless, cold, evil scumbags who are only scamming their patients. They used to add extra charges to my invoices every now and then. Whenever I asked what those charges were for, they used to say they are of my treatment. But a treatment’s cost doesn’t increase by $50 within 2-weeks does it? Eventually, going to Hoybjerg Orthodontics got so much expensive that I had to stop going there.

They started calling me multiple times a day when I stopped going there. They used to tell me that they’d give me a discount on my next visit and that I shouldn’t disturb my treatment, it can be seriously harmful. But I knew that they would return to their old ways. They are ill-minded people who can stoop to any low levels for getting some extra bucks. They all should rot in hell. And I say all because I know that the entire staff plays a part in these horrible schemes. They lie, they cheat, they do everything to steal money from your pockets.

I found out later on that many other people have faced such issues there. One customer ended up paying them around $450 extra for a simple orthodontic treatment. He was paying through a plan and these people changed the invoicing and increased the bill. They had increased the charges by a much higher sum but the guy realized and confronted them. They apologized to him for the billing error but never issued any refunds.

I don’t know about their dental expertise but I’m certain that they are thieves. They have different ways to steal money from people. Sometimes they randomly increase their rates and sometimes they just blame it on the billing staff. But they never issue any refunds or give any compensation. I wonder what kind of customers still go back to that place.

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