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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Back in June of 2014 I purchased through the Home Shopping Network HSN a computer that was put out by HP it is a laptop pavilion and it came with a printer with the order. the entire order came to well over $800 and every since then I have had nothing but problems after problem with both the printer and the laptop by HP. I also noticed that due to all the problems and HP case numbers that I have accumulated since June all in 3 months there have been nothing but problems with both.I have found a paper that came with my second round printer the first one went bad so I HP send me another one and noticed that with these printers there is a paper that came with them from HP that said that these printers were reconditioned (used). it’s funny that when i purchased from home shopping network back in June of 2014 that everything is sold to you onthe Home Shopping Network as being new. This is a big issue with me and now we know or I know why they are selling a HP Pavilion laptop with a printer all for just a little over $800.00. sounds like a great deal huh? well it isn’t for me anyway. Now I am working at this moment with Home Shopping Network HSN and so far they seem to just do nothing but take my report, but they are seemingly giving a run around saying that they will not or do not refund products that have been purchased and kept past 30 days.. When you purchase from HSN you would expect for their items to be new, but the HP PRINTER that came with my order says that the printer is Reconditioned. In a nutshell, to me that means “used”. When a company can sell you an item or items for a great price, you can just about guess that the item or items are used or refurbished and more than likely sold as “NEW”. This is very deceptive marketing and should be very “ILLEGAL”. Now i’m pretty much new to Rip Off Report. Com. But i have read lots of revirews about return policies not being honored and products not being replaced but my theory would be to say that if a company is ripping you off from the start and are willingfully giving you false advertising to sell or take your money wrongfully,then quite frankly, they need to be put out of business and never be able to sell again online, by phone, TV or mail ever again. This is too obsurd and is doing nothing but destroying the retail industry!. I am going to see if HSN will give me my refund for the Laptop and printer. But not to put too fine a point on it. Chances are, they will givecme the same run around as they have to most of everyone here on RIP OFF REPORT. Otherwise youvwould not be on here at all voicing your opinion as i am.

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