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Published: 03 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We rented a scooter on our trip to Cozumel, Mexico from HTL Rentals. A man named Moises dropped the scooter off at our resort and quickly walked around the scooter proclaiming it was in perfect shape. We quickly looked at it (our fault) and signed off that it was in good condition. Moises recommended we buy insurance in which we did. We toured the island and the company was to pick it up at 6pm. Two young men came and picked the scooter up. One young man got off the scooter and immediately went to the front fender and proclaimed their is a scratch in the front fender you are going to have to pay for it. We looked at the scratch which was barely visible with the naked eye. My wife tried to take a picture of it with her phone but it would not even show up. I told the young man that he was trying to scam us and we were not paying for anything and to get his boss here and we’d straighten this thing up. Moises would not come to the resort so we drove the scooter to their place of business where Moises came out of the business, looked at the front fender and proclaimed that we had damage the scooter. He now told us there was a $30 dollar deductible that we would have to pay. The insurance was worthless. I told him we were not paying for something we did not do. He used the F-word towards me and grabbed his crotch. He was very disrespectful and this was a scam job from the start of our transaction with him. I ended up paying the $30. No doubt this scooter was rented the following day and another individual or family was scammed by this fraudulent company. It should be investigated and shut down. Don’t rent from HTL Rentals.

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